My laptops broken:'(

Hey guys so I was hoping to write up posts etc. but unfortunately My laptop screen has broken. 
For any of you laptop geeks out there is there any advice? (I'll put a pic below) 

I don't know if I can fix the laptop, or even get a new one. I don't know how long this will take! So now I will either not post at all or maybe do mini posts on my mobile/iPad. 

Love laura xxx 

A Guide To Fake Tanning For Dummies | Home Tanning

Pondering on what to do for my next blog post, I thought to myself what do I kind of know well in the beauty world..I'm defo not a pro at fake tanning, but I know the basics and that's all everyone needs to know. I used to be more of a fake tan junkie, but nowadays go for the more natural look. 
Image from
prepping your skin before applying fake tan is SUPER important. 
I never used to believe in prepping my skin and so ignored doing it for ages, but the annoyance of uneven and flaky tan made me venture into ways to stop it. 
There are only two main things you need to worry about BEFORE you start to apply your tan, these are; exfoliate and moisturize. Exfoliation will get rid of uneven, dead skin cells and moisturizing will smooth your skin for an even more even surface. 
There are many exfoliaters out in the market, I especially love the one from Soap And Glory. But for anyone on a budget I would say get an exfoliating glove (can be as cheap as 99p). To be honest any old moisturizer will work, but I love the ones Vaseline do!

Types Of Fake Tan
 This can be the part that is more confusing for fake tan newbies. There are quite a few main types which are; Daily moisturizers, Tanning mouse, Fake Tan, Instant tan.
Daily moisturizers are great for people that don't want instant results or wants subtle results. It usually takes about 2/3 applications to see a difference. As they're a moisturizer they moisturize your skin which is a bonus.  I really like the Dove one. 
Tanning mouse's are my favourite. They glide on easily, blend easily and usually have an instant result. My favourite is St Moritz. 
Fake tans in general (I don't know what else to call this category) but the liquidy fake tan. These can get a little messy when applying but the final results are usually really good.  The results are also instant because of the dark guide colour. An old time favourite of mine is Fake Bake. 
Instant tanners are what they say on the tin. They literally give you an instant glow! When you apply the tan it looks a bit scary, but takes a bit of blending to get a gorgeous tan for an event or night out. My favourite is the Rimmel ones. They even do a waterproof one! 

OK, so apart from the daily moisturizers, I will say ALWAYS use a tanning mit. If you use your hands to apply normal fake tan be prepared for looking like you've slapped an oompa loopma. I mainly tan the top half of my body on a weekly basis. I start on applying tan usually on my arms first ( I don't know if that's the normal way). Apply the product onto the tanning mit first and then apply the mit on the skin. Blend, Blend, Blend! 
With all fake tans (except instant tanners) I apply the tan the night before and wash off the guide colour the next morning. Then TA-DA you're left with an natural glow. If you don't do this be prepared to walk out the house looking a bit more streaky and smelling of fake tan and less I've been on holiday. 

Tan Up Keep 
There's not much really to advise on this? I would say keep moisturizing daily, and even exfoliate a little. Tanners usually last a maximum of a week, after that unfortunately you will need to remove any old tan. This means heavyish exfoliation. You will basically have to start again with the whole fake tan regime.  

I have done a few fake tan reviews listed below;

I hope this advice helps anyone that's not sure about fake tanning. These are just the basics, and once again i'm not a pro ;p
What's your fave fake tan??

Love Laura xxx

Fur Headband | Winter Fashion

Hey guys so I thought I would share my new favourite hair/head accessory for the colder months.

The fur headband is from Sainsbury's (I'm shocked aswell) I had it bought for me, and love it :)

What's your favourite winter accessory?

Love Laura xxx

OOTN: Christmas party

Yes it's the time of year in which we can get away with everything glittery and red! 
I went to a casual Christmas party last night and thought I would share what I wore. As it was a work party I didn't want to go overdressed nor underdressed. 
My dress is from New Look in the sales for £8.99 (bargain) I wore 70 dernier thick black tights and high black heels (all also from New Look!) I opted for my black leather jacket over the top for going outside. This wasn't my original planned outfit, but the outfit I wanted to wear didn't arrive in time :'( 

I don't know if you guys notice, but my hairs a little longer! My hair extensions are from Lush and I will be doing a review when I've worn them a couple more times! 

What is your perfect Christmas outfit? 
love laura xxx

Review: Bioderma H2O Micelle Solution

So, after so much hype about this Bioderma, I decided to try it myself! 
I bought this from Amazon as it's not really easy to get hold of in England, and it cost around £20 (including delivery) for 500ml of the stuff. 

I have been using this for the past week to remove my makeup before bed, and I have to say I am glad I have bought it. 
Sometimes my eyes get sore when taking of makeup, but when I use Bioderma it literally feels like I'm only applying water!
This product takes of makeup easily with a cotton wool pad (or something similar) and has not broke me out or given me any reaction. 
I have only been using small cotton wool balls and so have wasted some product, but I think the 500ml will last a little while! 

The bottle cap is easy to undo to obtain the product. I don't think it's majorly travel friendly, especially with such a large bottle. With the smaller 50ml bottle I think the cap would be enough to stop the product leaking. 

So overall I really like this product! Compared to other eye makeup removers, this feels amazing after use!

I give this 4.5/5

Have you tried this? What do you use to take off your makeup? 

Love Laura xxx

PS....I have been failing at Blogmas because of my work schedule :( weep 

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

 Hey guys! So yes it's another foundation review.
I was randomly browsing through Superdrug for a foundation to put on quickly before work (early hours of the morning) and then spotted the positively reviewed Healthy Mix Serum.

 I have been wearing this foundation everyday for over a week, and now think that's a good amount of time to give an honest review. Just for information purposes I wear the shade 52 Vanilla (second from the lightest) and it cost around £9.99. This is branded as a radiance boosting foundation.

Starting with the colour match. I think its pretty close to my natural skin tone when I haven't fake tanned. I do sometimes find it really difficult to match A colour well to my skin tone as sometimes they can look really chalky on me or too tanned.

The longevity is amazing! I do shift work and it is still on my skin after 12 hours, by that time most of my foundations have gone patchy. I have dry skin and this foundation keeps my skin moisturized!
The consistency is actually quite runny (shown in pictures below) I really like this because it blend so well and as I have dry skin it's not too thick!
The packaging is pretty basic. It's a plastic bottle with a pump (which some more expensive foundations don't have) I like the packaging for travel purposes, but obviously it's not one to look pretty among my makeup collection.
The smell is kind of fruity and fresh! I quite like it, I hate foundations that smell strong or like cleaning products.

Overall I really like this foundation. Being someone that is a foundation junkie I rate this higher then some of my high end foundations. I would say this does boost radiance and is brilliant for someone with my skin type.
The only improvements I can think of is to have a larger colour range and maybe the packaging.

I give this 4/5

Have you tried this foundation? What's your fave foundation?

Love Laura xxx

Regrets?! | BLOGMAS DAY 3

Yep I have regrets. Most people will say they do, others will say they don't regret anything as it's a life lesson.  Most of the things I regret are actually things I didn't do when I had the chance, a bit crazy really?  like the times when I didn't go on that date with the guy I really liked, or the time I didn't go on A spontaneous trip - all because I was scared.. There are times when I didn't stand up for myself or say the things I wanted to say because of the consequences.

So if I have any advice, it would be go for it. There may be a new job you're scared of going for, or that one place you want to visit. I wish I could follow my own advice, because if I did I think I would be a lot happier.
Of course I've wished I hadn't done silly things like that hair cut I had, or drunken antics.. but hey isn't that part of growing up?

image from 
Don't do anything silly, but if you know the consequences out way the benefits, then surely if all goes wrong it can't be too bad?

Love Laura xxx

Products I Regret Buying #1 | BLOGMAS DAY 2

I don't usually write negative posts, but I really like the idea of being honest and sharing my thoughts. so .. 

Gosh Primer: As you can see the bottle is quite old, so I don't know if they've come out with a better primer. But this current one is horrible, this was raved about by a lot of beauty guru's a couple of years, but whenever I've applied it, I want to take it straight off. 

Chloe Rose Perfume: I've seen this perfume on a couple of people's wishlists, but I just don't like it. I bought this when I was in a rush and knew that it's lasts a long time - that's the only positive. When I'm wearing this I can feel it go in my nose (if that makes sense?) I feel this to be a bit "older lady" like and I only use this if I've got nothing else to wear. 

Simple Hydro Mist: I was really hopeful when buying this, but to be honest I find no use for this product. I've tried it before putting on makeup and it makes it feel greasy. I've tried it after applying makeup and it makes my skin feel horrid! I have read so many good reviews, I must be doing something wrong. 

Kiko Stick blush: I was so excited when buying this! When I tested it on my hand it was really pigmented and I thought this was a great product to keep in my handbag for touchups, Oh was I wrong. Whenever I try to apply this to my face, the product itself is so solid that it kind of takes off the foundation I've applied - big no no. 

Rimmel Apocalips: Bare in mind I've only tried the nude version of this product, but I just HATE it. The consistency is way to thick which means I need to apply it very carefully, and nobody got time for that. The nude colour makes me look washed out and it feels horrible on my lips. 

No7 Protect and Perfect Foundation: This foundation was colour matched by A sales assistant. (You know that little machine that they touch your face with) And the colour is at a least a shade too dark. This doesn't feel like A skin care brands foundation, in fact it feels like it's a more cheaper foundation - I can't explain it!

No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation: This was recommended by a friend when I had to find A foundation quick, I wish I didn't trust her choice lol. This product comes out a dark brown and then smooths into a colour matching your skin tone. It sounded really good and I was excited to try it, but it's just a foundation that goes patchy and seems to have really low coverage. My skin looks better without it than with it on. 

Well, that's my first "products I regret buying" post! It was kinda fun moaning about things I didn't like haha. 
Have you tried any of these products? What products do you regret buying?

Love Laura xxx

Christmas 2013 Wish List | BLOGMAS?

Now before you look at the items I post, I just wanted to say that I'm not the type person to get spoilt on Christmas or my birthday. I may be lucky enough to get a couple of these things, but to be honest I can just go and buy these myself if I don't get these things. I didn't include any makeup items because I would rarely get bought makeup by my friends and family (because I'm too fussy).

The items I have included are actually useful or something I would use everyday!
For example the YSL perfume is so gorgeous.. it kind of smells like chocolate but not overly "young" or too sweet. A link to the perfume is HERE which costs around £40 for a smallish bottle (It's a expensive perfume)
I've never owned A yankie candle and thought it's a great thing to ask for when someone doesn't know what to get me, as it's not specific as I wouldn't mind which one I got.

I've NEVER been to a concert before and would love to be surprised with tickets to a show!
I should really add a boyfriend to this list hehe, then he could surprise me!!

All the other items are probably obvious why I want them :) what is on your wish list?

Love Laura xxx

Ps. I'm adding this after I posted this post, but anyways I might do Blogmas.. I've just gotta think of different ideas to post ?!? xx