Review: St Moriz Mousse Fake Tan

I have been using this fake tan for years, and it's one of those products that has been in the beauty world for years...
I have already done 2 other fake tan reviews which are on  Xen Tan Mousse Intense and Xen Tan Dark Lotion. I have to say I prefer St Moriz to these tans even though they are triple the price!

Why I hear you ask?
  • Instant Color Pay off
  • Mousse makes it easy to apply
  • Lasts A couple of days to a week
  • Fades evenly 
Application? ?? - As this is a mouse it glides on really easily. I recommend using a tanning glove. This product dries quite quickly which is a bonus!! 

There have been many reviews that state this tan goes really patchy, now weirdly enough it used to go really patchy years ago, but now it isn't too bad. I think if you have a routine which includes; exfoliating and moisturizing then the result will be amazing for the price. (which is £4.99) This tan of course isn't perfect, it needs to be blended pretty well and there is a slight fake tan smell. I recommend applying this at night and washing it off the next morning (like I do with all tanners)

I would give this tan 4.5/5 because it is currently my fave! Have you tried this tan? What is your fave fake tan? 

Love Laura xxx 


  1. I don't use fake tan that often but Dove summer glow is my favourite when i do because it's really sheer!


  2. St.Moriz is the only tan I use so totally agree with you here!

    Come visit me :)


  3. I don't actually use fake tan myself but i bought my friend the lauren ways darker than dark and she loves it!

    Jess x

  4. I have used this tan on and off throughout the years but i think it's as good as any. I am bad and just use sunbeds now though.



  5. I used to use this tan all the time, and it's still my cheap go-to option! The only reason I stopped using it was because I splurged on a Fakebake Flawless tanner this summer, which gives a really beautiful natural looking tan. But this one is definitely amazing value for money!

    Great review :-)

    Emily x


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