Party Outfit Wishlist | December 2013

Hey guys! So I love reading wishlists and as it's the "party season" I thought I would do a basic one to help out anyone who's wondering where and what to get, without feeling like they've gone over the top. 
I know the 3 outfits are very simple, I chose them like that deliberately because I will be brave enough to wear these myself, and probably will actually buy them when it comes pay day!

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1) You can only take ONE product into the jungle (aka your luxury item). What would you choose and why?
tinted moisturizer because it does two things at once :)

2) What would be your main pre-jungle worry?
Spiders and other creepy crawlies, one of my fears!

3) You only have five minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine?
Hair up in a messy bun, and A quick application of tinted moisturizer.  I would have to quickly put on deodorant and some body spray - I don't wana smell now haha.  

4) Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hairstyle?
Mine would be the same. My hair is really frizzy and looks like a lion main naturally down. 

5) For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you?
Baring in mind they are my "friend" maybe someone like Beyonce. She seems quite down to earth

6) Everyone’s given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle?
I don't know if this will come as a surprise but I think I would make everyone laugh. I wouldn't be the joker, but would be ditzy and hopefully make everyone crack up haha. I also would be the one who cheers people up!

7) What one thing about being a beauty blogger sometimes makes you want to scream ‘Get Me Out Of Here’?
I don't really get this questions.. ermm so Not being able to fake tan in the jungle?

8) Challenge – This is a once in a life time opportunity. You’re up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?
I have a fear of heights so maybe something up high.  

People I want to tag:


I also would love to tag everyone reading this! I really want to read all your answers :) xx

Love Laura xx

Review: St Moriz Mousse Fake Tan

I have been using this fake tan for years, and it's one of those products that has been in the beauty world for years...
I have already done 2 other fake tan reviews which are on  Xen Tan Mousse Intense and Xen Tan Dark Lotion. I have to say I prefer St Moriz to these tans even though they are triple the price!

Why I hear you ask?
  • Instant Color Pay off
  • Mousse makes it easy to apply
  • Lasts A couple of days to a week
  • Fades evenly 
Application? ?? - As this is a mouse it glides on really easily. I recommend using a tanning glove. This product dries quite quickly which is a bonus!! 

There have been many reviews that state this tan goes really patchy, now weirdly enough it used to go really patchy years ago, but now it isn't too bad. I think if you have a routine which includes; exfoliating and moisturizing then the result will be amazing for the price. (which is £4.99) This tan of course isn't perfect, it needs to be blended pretty well and there is a slight fake tan smell. I recommend applying this at night and washing it off the next morning (like I do with all tanners)

I would give this tan 4.5/5 because it is currently my fave! Have you tried this tan? What is your fave fake tan? 

Love Laura xxx 

My Favourite Makeup Brushes

 Hey guys so I'm really excited to post about my fave makeup brushes (a bit sad I know).
Now before I explain why I like each one and where they're from I want to say that the brushes in the picture look a little dirty (especially the handles) for some reason the bottom of two of my brushes have melted, I think maybe accidentally from a straightener.. whoops! But anyways I did clean them A day or so ago, so they're not dirty! And no I do not wash my brushes everyday " nobody got time for that!"

From left to right:

1. ELF professional bronzing brush - I use this mainly to apply blush when I want it quite pigmented. When I originally bought this it was meant to be for contouring but I can't contour. Weep.

2. Real Techniques Buffing Brush - I use this for foundation and it's the best brush I've ever tried to apply it. This is great for any sort of foundation (including mineral powders)

3. MAC 187 - I originally bought this for apply bronzer and still use it for that purpose! This brush is very multipurpose because I can also use this to apply foundation or blush. YAY.

4. Real Techniques Blush Brush - This is called a blush brush, but I definitely do not use it for that. This is a great brush to apply powders such as mineral skin finish natural from MAC.

5. MAC 266 -  I use this brush to apply powders over eyeliner to intensify it or for applying eyeshadow under the lashline. Lots of people use this brush for eyebrows, but I rarely do my eyebrows and if I do I use the brow kit from Benefit.

6. MAC 150 - Ahhh this is the latest addition to my fave brushes! For me this is the perfect brush to apply blush (try saying that out loud, but of a tongue teaser haha) This applies the product evenly, the only negative is that it's real hair. (costing over £30)

OK, so they are my favourite brushes!! I of course own more brushes but I don't think they're worth mentioning in this post! (If you want a brush collection don't hesitate to request ;) )

What are your fave brushes???

Love Laura xxx

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Ebay Purchase: Tartan Scarf

It's no secret that Tartan is in fashion this Autumn! 
As I'm quite shy of wearing tartan I decided a more subtle way to add it to my wardrobe is a scarf!
Ebay can be amazing for certain fashionable peices eg: Disco pants, and so I ventured out to buy one from there. 
I admittedly chose one of the first options when I searched "Tartan Scarf" but I am happy with the overall quality for the price! I do although wish the scarf was a little longer so I could wrap it around twice when it's slightly colder outside. It's pure wool though so it's not bad in the quality stakes. 

Are there any recommendations to buy from Ebay or to buy A longer tartan scarf?

Love Laura xxx

How do you prefer to follow other blogs?

I wasn't sure what to name this post as I just wanted to ask a quick question to everyone!

There are three ways to follow other blogs that I know of which are; "GFG"- google friend connect, Bloglovin and Google Plus.
Now although I use all 3 and other people can follow me on all three, I actually prefer to use GFC because then the blogs I like to read come up on my home page on blogger! This makes it so much easier to see when someone posts a new blog post.

I think that most bloggers prefer to use bloglovin, but somehow I haven't tried to use it properly yet  BUT I still make sure I follow people on there too.  

So what ways do you prefer to follow other bloggers?

Love Laura xxx

Do US "little blogs" stand A chance?

As I've been blogging for a couple of months now, I believe I have gained a lot more experience and knowledge of the blogging world, duh Laura?
The thing is all the "big" or "well known" blogs seem to be people that have been blogging for a few years and so have gained more and more followers through those years....

But the down to the blog title question, could the little blogs become popular?
To be honest I think it's all down to the amount of effort you put into your blog, which includes things such as; A well thought out and clear blog design, the quality of your pictures, your networking, and how your personality shines through your posts (enjoy blogging and bringing more unique ideas).

Now if all those things are achieved I am thinking actually it's 75% yes 25% no 

What do you think?
Is there any advice for the smaller blogs?

Love Laura xxx

I would like to point out that not everyone that blogs actually do it for followers!

My Current MAC Collection & Reviews

Hey guys!
So I have started to gain a little collection of products from the brand MAC. I wouldn't say I have a lot, only a couple of bits, but I love them all!

The "powdery" type products :
1. Mineralized Skin Finish in "soft and gentle"
This highlighter has been raved about on so many blogs, but amazingly I had this picked out for my by the sales assistant before I had heard about it!
The colour is great for so many skin tones, and I find this an easy every day highlighter. This will last for ages before it hits pan!

2. Pro Longwear Blush in " stay pretty"
I wanted an everyday pink blush that would suit my skin tone, and I defo think this suits the brief! It looks quite bright before applying (like many pink blushes) but you can add this bit by bit.

3&4. Mineralized skin finish natural "medium plus" & "medium"
These are my go to powders! For ages I searched for a powder that I could wear over my foundation without making it look cakey! As you can see I've hit pan on one them, which is the medium plus shade, i'm quite surprised I prefer that one because I'm actually quite pale, but the colour seems to just work over my foundation.

5. Bronzer in "golden"
I was randomly looking for a bronzer and bought this on a whim. I think this defo warms up my skin tone, but to be honest it's hard to notice I'm wearing this unless I layer it up.

The foundations:
1. Studio Sculpt foundation
I bought this because it was advertised as good for dry skin and that's my skin type! I hated this foundation on the first few tries, but now I LOVE it. The coverage is full. The only negative is that I have to wear a powder over it to contract the yellowness of the foundation. My shade is NW20

2. Face and body foundation
I bought this when I was in a phase of the "I'm not wearing any makeup" look. The coverage is very light, I would say this is amazing for dry skin. The negative is that it seems to be the only foundation out there that actually gives me spots and my skin is usually pretty good. 

The eyeshadows:
I bought Amber Lights because I wanted a colour to make my bluey/green eyes stand out, and so the sales assistant recommended me this. To be honest I hardly wear this because I don't quite know how to use the colour and prefer to go for a more brown shade if I wear eyeshadow.
The Carbon eyeshadow was initially bought to use as a eyeshadow/eyeliner combo! But to be honest is defo isn't pigmented enough to wear that way. Again I am finding this difficult to wear at the moment unless I use it to shade over an eyeliner.

I also own a lipstick called "Snob" but couldn't find it at the time of photographing for this post.
What is your favourite MAC product?

Love Laura xxx

Confessions Of A Blogger Tag

When did you start your blog?
Erm, without actually looking at my history, I think it was is May this year (2013) 

Have you had any past online presence before (other blog, youtube etc.)?
Yes! I made a blog a few years ago. I then re found my blog about A year ago and showed my friends and family it, but because I didn't feel comfortable posting on that blog anymore I decided to make a new one and keep it private.
I also have been on youtube, in about 2011 I really got into it! I already said this on my blog before but my little brother found my channel and I got really embarrassed  I am a bit gutted because I had got close to around 1000 subs. One day I will get back into Youtube. 

Why did you start your blog?
I always wanted to be an agony aunt, but also have been loving all things beauty. So A blog is a great way to share and chat with all those things in one! I didn't realize how good the blogging community is, but that would have been another reason if I knew. 

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
Is this a trick questions? lol. Well I wouldn't see blogging "serious" until it was a job, or I had consumed a lot of followers. I see it as a bit of fun, if I couldn't blog anymore I would seriously miss it, but it isn't A HUGE part of my life.. yet. 

What was your first post?
I think it was an introduction, sad I know. But I remember worrying about what to post first, and 
that seemed kind of normal?

What has been the biggest challenge about blogging?
There has been a few things that I have found difficult about blogging, one is to try to think of unique blog post ideas. 
Another challenge is to keep my blog up to date and post often. I do shifts and unless I spend a few hours planning posts and taking pictures I won't have a post for a while. 

Where do you see your blog in one year?
Ahh, there is a difference between what I want and what I see happening. 
I want my blog to gain popularity, I know that may seem like I'm blogging just to become popular, but I gain motivation from other people comments and views. I really want to find an enjoyable job for my future that includes writing, and I believe that my blog is a gateway to do it as I'm not a very brave person for going for what I want. 
Now where I see my blog in a year is probably in a similar place it is now, I will have more followers hopefully, but I think it will still be a little blog because there are so many amazing blogs out there already. 

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
Feedback!! I would love if I help at least one person with my blog! I also love chatting to other people that have the same hobby as me. 

What is the most discouraging thing that's happens to you?
Probably seeing how good other peoples blogs are, ah, I don't mean it in a negative way, I mean as in I compare myself to others way too much. 

Who's your lasting inspiration or motivation?
Bare in mind I'm reading the questions as I go along typing this, but there is one person that comes to mind, Zoella.
I bet people get sick of hearing about her, but the fact her life has changed so much thanks to a little blog (just like mine) has made me think there's a teeny tiny chance that something similar could happen to me. 

Thankyou so much for reading my responses to these questions, I feel I've been verrrrrrry honest! 

I tag all of you that reads this!

Love Laura xxx

OOTN: bars&navy

Hey guys sorry for not posting for a few weeks, I've been busy and too be honest I couldn't be bothered with blogging- everytime it seems like a "job" to post, I decide not to blog until I want to blog for fun.

Anyways to quickly update before I post more in depth posts; I wanted to show you what I wore last night! .... 
This is a playsuit from, I think it cost around £25/£30. I had this lingering in my wardrobe for about a month and couldn't decide if I liked it. I felt really comfortable in it and loved the fact my sleeves were covered in the cold weather (even though my legs wern't haha) I teamed it with some pink high heels and a clutch as there was subtle pink attributes in the playsuit. 

I think playsuits are amazing things to have on your wardrobe because you can wear them to all sorts of occasions :) 

Even though the lighting is really bad I thought I would show you my hair ad makeup! I did a kind of beehive with straightish hair. 
Revlon photo ready foundation, mac stay pretty blush, revlon pencil eyeliner, boots own fake eyelashes, mixture of dark brown and black eyeshadow and a Rimmel mascara. 

Thanks so much for reading, and as always of you have any requests, or just want a chat.. Don't hesitate to contact me :) x

Love laura xxx