A little life update?

Hey guys, so I really want people who read my blog know a little more about me..
although I do have an "about me" page ;) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Anyways I thought I would update you on some things.
Firstly you will see the picture on the left is me taking a photo in the street! Somehow I just didn't really care who saw me, maybe that is a new level of confidence I haven't visited! Confidence has never been high for me, well maybe when I was in year 3 when I didn't know makeup existed and I had never heard of a bully. LOL

But yea I am really trying to work on my confidence, and one day would love to vlog, if my life got more interesting..

Ahh yea my life, and interesting unfortunately are not in the same sentence at the moment. I think I'm stuck in this circle of life, in which I work, sleep and eat. All the friends around me are meeting guys and just seem to have much more fun then me! I nearly went on a date a few weeks ago, but the idiot cancelled on me- knowing that it takes a lot to get me out on a date! He's been trying since to get me out, but I just choose to see it as a sign it wasn't meant to be - stupid superstitions :(.

Mentioning work, I do like my job, but it's not a career. I really love writing and of course that's why I am A "Blogger". I was searching through a job site and was astounded to see that there are real life blogger jobs out there - unpaid though!
I have also noticed I've been gaining weight, and worked out to be my comfortable size I need to loose a stone *weep* The app My Fitness Pal is great for counting calories!

I also got "geek" glasses from Hugo Boss (prescription), I've been wanting a pair for ages!!

I am really hoping I have something exciting/new happening soon because right now even though I'm in a really positive space, I will get really bored. I know things don't just come to me but I need to maybe branch out to new things, but it's really difficult when I don't have the confidence to try things outside of my comfort zone! I would love to go to a blogger meetup one day, I haven't met another person who's into blogging like me!

Thanks for reading guys! If you ever want a chat don't hesitate to contact me -


Love laura xxx


  1. We all have insecure moments in time - trust me I'm awful for it - but you look lovely :)
    Chin up sweetie and the blog community is here for you :P
    Keep in touch :)
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  2. i wish there were some actual paid blogging jobs too! i'd love one hah

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. you can win a bottle of diesel loverdose perfume over on my blog! click here

    1. some people do actually get paid to blog, I'm so jelous! xx

  3. Aww what a silly boy cancelling on you, good for you for not backing down! I know what you mean about 'interesting' and 'my life' not being in the same sentence haha! Need some excitement! xxx


  4. I feel like i'm stuck in a circle too. All my friends are off to uni while i'm stuck in my boring little town working away at a dead-end job. Fingers crossed things will brighten up for the both of us!


  5. Don't worry, everyone has these moments :)

    If you're looking for a blogger meetup I'd suggest http://thephotohunt.com/#header I'm going with the sole reason to get myself out there :)

    Hmm maybe...

    1. I wish I could join! I think I'm at uni when the event happens :( xx

    2. wow thanks so much for giving me a heads up :) xx

  6. Even though I'm doing a psychology degree, my passion for photography always has me confused as to what my actual career will end up being, it's pretty daunting to think about so for now I'm just hoping it'll turn out for the best! good to hear that you have a new found confidence! xx

  7. Hey Laura! just thought i'd tell you that i have nominated you for the appreciation award!

  8. I'm trying to work on my confidence too and I've also gained some weight lately :/ Those things cancel each other out. Let's go on a confidence boosting journey together haha :)

  9. you look lovely


  10. Sounds like your ready for a change in life to push you past your comfort zone! Just say Yes more. Cliché but extremely true. My life changed when I started saying yes to more people and events.

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85


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