I received an email from Ellie from the blog: littlevintagecamera, about a little thing called #BritishBloggerSelection.
This is where a bunch of British bloggers will write a post on their blog based on a theme each week! 
As I love getting involved in blogger community style things I was really excited to get involved!

I am writing up this post a little late as already the first theme has been revealed which is "Halloween" And as I have already done a quick/short halloween style post I thought I would just write about this instead to get other people involved. 

As ever don't hesitate to contact me about my blog, or just a chat etc.@ 

If you're interested in #BritishBloggerSelection then you can email Ellie @ 

Love Laura xxx

My Birthday: Spa Day&Night Out With The Girls

I am trying to share more and more about my life on my blog, because EVENTUALLY I will be confident enough in the future to show my friends and family my blog.
It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and even though I've never been one of those girls that get spoilt for my birthday.. I was rather excited this year because I was going to a spa for the first time! Me and my best friend decided to get a spa day package at  Amida spa which included A full pass to the spa facilities and A treatment of choice ( I chose the massage because I've never had one before!)

I highly recommend the 2 for 1 package, the staff were really professional and I had a great time :) I was given a robe, towel and flip flops for my time there. 

I also decided to have a low key night out with some of my close friends at a local(ish) club! I was happy to be put in VIP which was a bonus! I also went a little more casual by wearing a playsuit. I love this playsuit from Boohoo because it covers up my arms with a lacey detail it's great for when it's a little bit colder ! I also love the open back detail. 

What do you like to do on your birthday? Do you have any good ideas for next year?
Love Laura xxx

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned and these opinions are my OWN. 

What's In My Work Bag

Hey guys! So I've been seeing ALOT of "what's in my bag" blog posts, and I thought why not do my own!
As I work 6 days A week the main bag I use is the one I use for work (obviously) haha, So I changed the title a bit to incorporate the work esque to my post. 

There are some things I couldn't show that are in my bag because I don't want to show where I work on my blog; so I am missing a folder and some other bits that usually fit into this bag! 

As you can see I've got mainly basics in my bag!
There's very minimal makeup in this bag - the annoying thing about my job is that I can't take too much makeup in my bag (I don't know if that's A hint about my job haha) And so I take the odd lipsticks and blush just in case I get caught up in the rain or to update my makeup throughout the day.. Here I have Rimmels lipstick I think colour "pink blush" and A YSL lipstick (I have done a review on it, I will post a link below)

The basics that should be in every hand bag are; handcream, A pen, Vaseline, Mirror, diary, pain killers and Sanitizer (not shown in the picture because I've ran out) I have put my newest perfume in my bag which is  Armani Code. I've also got a random toothache numb product because you never know when you will get a toothache  throughout the day, I had a really bad one once at work and now carry this around with me! 

Finally my purse! I am really excited to show this because this is a very new addition, and it's Michael Kors ... eeek!! I got this as a gift for my birthday(which was 3 days ago) and I love it, I've been wanting a MK purse for ages!

So yea that's my "what's in my bag" post all done and dusted! What essentials are in your bag??
Ps. I forgot to add my keys to this, they were in my other at the time! 
Thanks for reading guys!! Love Laura xxx

Things To Do ON Halloween...

Yes Halloween is soon so I thought I would give you some ideas on what to do on the 31st 

1. Fright Night
The actual attraction I'm talking about is held at Thorpe Park! 
If you don't live in England there must be something similar held at your local theme park. 

2. Haunted Farm/House
There was one haunted farm I really wanted to go to this year, but I've forgot the name of it! 
But anyways there's one called Farmaggedon.

3. Clubbing 
This is a bit of a been there done that thing to do, but lots of clubs will be open on halloween and it's a great excuse to dress up.
old picture taken a few years ago!

4. Camping In The Woods
With this one everyone needs to be careful, but will be a really scary thing to do.. perfect for halloween!

5. House Party
Holding a house party is super fun except from the cleaning up the next morning. Will be a great excuse to decorate your home for the spooky occasion. 

6. Trick Or Treating
This one is only advisable if you're a kid yourself or you have younger siblings etc. to go with. Don't go if you're 12 or older ;) 

What do you usually do on Halloween?
What are you doing this year on Halloween? 

Love Laura xxx

Why Do You Wear Makeup Tag & A photo of me without makeup.. eek

Image taken from ColourBox.com
Let's get straight to the questions..

1. When did you begin loving makeup?
Once a pon a time I used to be a TOMBOY, in which I claimed to be allergic to pink.. uh ye I know cringe. But anyways I started to get spots, and therefore was self conscious about my skin and so invested in foundation. I had worn lipsticks etc. before, but I really started to actually LOVE makeup once I had got used to wearing foundation on a regular basis (around age 15/16)

2. How do you feel without makeup?
I would be happy walking out the house with out any makeup EXCEPT some kind of tinted moisturizer or foundation! I have this belief that if you have great looking skin you don't need makeup! So without makeup I feel very self conscious, and would only let family or really close friends see me properly without makeup. So basically I feel quite ugly without it (even though I usually wear naturalish makeup.
The only OKish Photo of me without makeup (on holiday of course) 

3. What do you like about makeup?
I like the fact that you can cover up most of your flaws, and attenuate your best features. I also like that you can create more of an identity.

4. Three holy grail items? 
Foundation (obviously :p) - At the moment it's MAC studio Sculpt nw20
Powder - MAC mineralized skin finish in Medium
Mascara - I have a few mascaras :P

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to this tag, I tried to not ramble too much haha xx

Love Laura xxx

I over think EVERYTHING!

This best describes me sometimes.. 

So this is one of those post in which I'm trying to find "inner peace" or something like that. I think about everything before it happens, and sometimes it does take a toll on my emotions!
Many people may over think a situation, and I guess it's quite normal, but throughout the years my thoughts have grown more negative and hurtful when they needn't be!

I've always been jealous of people that just say "YOLO" and mean it.

I have now begun to read a book by Eric Harrison called Teach Yourself To Meditate. This is because after I researched ways to become more relaxed etc., meditation was top of the list!
I have read about a third of the book so far, and it's safe to say that I need to focus on one or two things not ten all at the same time. In the past year or so I've had this weird thing in which I focus on the way I react when people talk to me, this has been a nightmare because whenever I have a bad day or feel uncomfortable it shows all over my face and the more I think about it, the worse it gets! Does anyone else get that??

I actually think I am pretty normal deep down as whenever I see funny photos like this that my friends have posted, I think I am like that/think that too! See picture below:

My advice for anyone battling with A same or similar problem is to not Google what you're worrying about, because I used to, and trust me it would make my anxieties WORSE. 
Instead try your best to avoid thinking about what you're not trying to think about - easier said then done hey? but practice makes perfect!? Truly that last peace of advice isn't what you really should do as it's a short term pass. Instead write the things your thinking too much about on a peace of paper, and decided the worst and best things that would be the outcome. 

If you are worrying about something that's happening a month away for example, I have a little tip. Whenever something I wasn't looking forward to at school was going to happen, I would say to myself "don't worry about it until this particular day", and that used to calm me down and not build up my thoughts until the allocated time picked!

Do you over think? Do you have any advice?
thanks for reading guys! 

Love Laura xxx  

Review: YSL Lipstick #27 "Fushia Innocent"

I've been cheeky/lazy and used the photo I took for Instagram for this post.. 

....anyways I thought I had to do a review on my FIRST YSL lipstick (usually I go for the cheaper Rimmel lipsticks) But no I decided to splurge on a decent lipstick.. YAY
I wasn't originally going  to go for this colour, but a friend of mine picked this out for me, I instantly loved it!
I bought this from the airport costing £20, it might seem expensive, but this is a high quality lipstick after all. 
Quality is actually the best word to describe ysl lipsticks because not only is the packaging amazing, but they are the most long lasting lipsticks I've ever tried!
Literally lasting hours!
The lipsticks also glide on nicely, no "cakeyness" or "overshineyness" -  I think I just failed at English. lol..

So yes I recommend this brand for lipsticks, it defo beats brands like MAC in my eyes, because of the longevity, and these lipsticks are slightly moisturizing! 

What's your favorite lipstick?

PS. I thought I wouldn't write an essay review as I think you'll all fall asleep haha 

Love Laura xxx

What I Want To Buy On Pay Day #4

I haven't done one of these in a while..

I've been wanting mostly fashion items for the winter, and so I've thought well about looking "cute" in the cold weather :p.

Tartan seems to be the fashion statement for Autumn, and as I'm not into the tartan skirts and dresses- A scarf is a subtle way to wear it :)
I have wanted a YSL lipstick for ages, and so the colour no. 13 looks gorgeous (I think it's called peach passion), do I get it or not? hmm help!
Parkers are the coat of choice for this year and the highstreet is full of them, I like this one from Topshop!
Finally for nights out/clubbing it's sometimes wayy too cold to wear a skirt/dress/shorts, and so instead of my usual disco pants I think A jumpsuit is a good substiute!! - that rhymes ;)

What is on your wishlist for the next few months?

Love Laura xxx


** I've already bought A YSL lipstick today, I will be doing a review pretty soon :) **

A little life update?

Hey guys, so I really want people who read my blog know a little more about me..
although I do have an "about me" page ;) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Anyways I thought I would update you on some things.
Firstly you will see the picture on the left is me taking a photo in the street! Somehow I just didn't really care who saw me, maybe that is a new level of confidence I haven't visited! Confidence has never been high for me, well maybe when I was in year 3 when I didn't know makeup existed and I had never heard of a bully. LOL

But yea I am really trying to work on my confidence, and one day would love to vlog, if my life got more interesting..

Ahh yea my life, and interesting unfortunately are not in the same sentence at the moment. I think I'm stuck in this circle of life, in which I work, sleep and eat. All the friends around me are meeting guys and just seem to have much more fun then me! I nearly went on a date a few weeks ago, but the idiot cancelled on me- knowing that it takes a lot to get me out on a date! He's been trying since to get me out, but I just choose to see it as a sign it wasn't meant to be - stupid superstitions :(.

Mentioning work, I do like my job, but it's not a career. I really love writing and of course that's why I am A "Blogger". I was searching through a job site and was astounded to see that there are real life blogger jobs out there - unpaid though!
I have also noticed I've been gaining weight, and worked out to be my comfortable size I need to loose a stone *weep* The app My Fitness Pal is great for counting calories!

I also got "geek" glasses from Hugo Boss (prescription), I've been wanting a pair for ages!!

I am really hoping I have something exciting/new happening soon because right now even though I'm in a really positive space, I will get really bored. I know things don't just come to me but I need to maybe branch out to new things, but it's really difficult when I don't have the confidence to try things outside of my comfort zone! I would love to go to a blogger meetup one day, I haven't met another person who's into blogging like me!

Thanks for reading guys! If you ever want a chat don't hesitate to contact me -


Love laura xxx

Beauty Items I Forgot I Had #1

Hey guys, so "rummaging" through my makeup drawers (in which I had cleared last year) I found loads of items I had forgot about - shame on me!

So I've decided to pick 4 items to mention on my blog that I will actually use throughout next month, because I actually like them!

1. Soap&Glory "Bright Here Bright Now"
This is said to help you get Beautifully Luminous Skin! I defo agree with the packaging of this item because I believe it is brilliant to use as a highlighter! I used to mix this with my foundation, I have no idea why I stopped using this, but will defo be giving this another shot. Multi purpose item?

2. Bourjois Bronzing Powder 
This is a bronzer in which I loved a few years ago, but I guess I've found better bronzers throughout the years! I will be giving this another wirl, this is a good handbag bronzer for on the go!

3. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW20
I was recommended this by a makeup artist, and colour matched. I think I stopped wearing this because it was a bit too yellow, but amazing to wear over my dry skin! I somehow keep forgetting I have this after trialling it and putting it away! I have been wearing this the past week with MAC mineralized skin finish in medium to cancel out the yellowness!

4. Sleek "Sugar" blush by 3
I remember picking this up thinking that it's amazing to have 3 Sleek blushers in 1! I feel like the colours are a little hard to wear with my skin tone! BUT I will still try this out and make it work sometime! The colours here are called - Turbinado, Muscovado, Demerara.

Thanks for reading guys! Do you have any items you forgot you had?
Love Laura xxx