Blogging on the go...

I've had this little blogger app sitting on my iPhone for months, rarely used but never deleted..
Sometimes I get the urge to blog because I have an idea on a certain subject and really want to write it up/ take pictures, but by the time I've got to my laptop to write, it's usually too late and I am lost for Inspiration...

So yea I thought I would try out this app, I did try it out once before, and the pictures uploaded on my blog all blurry!! .. Annoying! 
If somehow this comes up ok on my blog ill hope to update on some funny or interesting daily antics/ thoughts! Because  I love blogging!

Do you blog on the go?
Is there any apps I should look out for? 

Love laura xxx


  1. I feel exactly the same, i come up with most of my blogging ideas when i am on the go, and haven't actually taken advantage of the blogger app yet! Ive been using it so far just to check comments and so on.
    saida xx

    1. aww yea, I think they need to improve the app a bit though x

  2. Beautiful shoes ♥

    And I feel the same.


  3. I use the blogger app sometimes when I just have my own photos that are from my phone, but a lot of the time I take them on my camera or want to do a wishlist, so need my PC. I do think the app is great though, I've used it a few times :)

    1. ye I prefer doing most posts on the laptop :) xx


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