What I've Learnt Since Leaving School | I'm Anti Bullying

I left school back in 2007 but here's some of my thoughts.. 
here's an old cringe photo of me dressing up for a school night in a club years ago! hahaha

School is a very big marking point is everyone’s life. I’ve only been to school in England, so it could be different in other areas/countries. But from my own experience at school, it is a place in which yes of course you learn, but also a place in which you get categorized into different groups of people. Eg. The popular group.

When I was in school I wouldn’t say I was popular, nor was I unpopular. I got bullied every now and then in secondary school, and it really effected my confidence. I was made to believe that unless you were really pretty or was a bully, you were never going to have lots of friends, or be really liked.

There are things I used to believe in school, that I think are absolutely stupid now!

Friends..  There must be friends in school, that at the time were your bestest friends in the world? I used to have friends that would run off anytime I needed them. Or when it came to getting into groups of 2 and there were 3 you I would have got pushed out? Things like that I took on the chin, and I was way too nice about it. Now if you reading this now and you’re still in school.. do not think your self worth is less than anyone else! That’s one thing I learnt since leaving school! I’d rather have 2 true friends then 20 fake friends.  
Image..  I don’t want to drain on how my thoughts on my self image was  really low, But as I said in the earlier paragraph, I somehow believed that unless you were drop dead gorgeous, or had tones of makeup to make you look pretty then no one would like you! Well since leaving school I realised that personality is the decider whether people like you or not! Even in college I was shocked how people that weren’t at all pretty (I don’t mean this at all in a nasty way) but they were really popular and had loads of friends! As cheesy as it sounds, don’t change yourself for anyone, and don’t copy anyone. Be YOU.

Another thing is that many people think that school is forever, it's not. You might have a terrible time there, but have an amazing life years later, and people will be begging to be your friend! Hard work does pay off.. ... think some famous people weren't as hot as they are now ;) 

Thanks for reading guys!
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  1. Great post!

  2. Brilliant post. I totally understand all of this. As soon as I left school, I suddenly realised how irrelevant all of those little things were. The bottom line is, no one really cares who or what you were in school. I wish I knew that back then.


  3. Hey Laura, I nominated your for a liebster award! Check it out here - http://lawlesslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/liebster-award.html




  4. This is a great post! I'm glad I'm not at school anymore!


  5. AMAZING post! Ash and I are very anti bullying. We get so mad sometimes about how people treat each other in the world!And especially on the web. I know it's behind a computer screen but none the less, it's still bullying.

  6. I love this post!I agree that when you are in school it seems you are part of this little world with its own rules and the only thing you have to is fit in.
    I never had problem with bulling but I didn't have a nice time in high school either and I would never go back!
    That was because I feel that very girl in school are very shallow and judge someone just from their clothes and make up and I really wasn't a girly girl in school.
    I'm much happy now that I am grown up and in University as I feel that all I have to do is be myself and I don't really care about other people opinion!

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  7. this was amazing to read, and has so much truth in it :)
    saida xx


  8. I can 100% relate to this post! Amazing


  9. Great post. very inspiring and helpful to getting me through some tough things right now so thank you!


  10. Laura! I love how personal your blog is, I've read a few bits now and you seem so much like me! I've followed you and can't wait to read more.xxxx


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