My First Time Tag

Hey guys so I’m doing that naughty sounding tag today! I think I’ve picked random questions from the set of questions to add. If that makes sense! Enjoy reading, and I tag any of you that reads this! J

My First Love?
I’ve never been in love L I thought I used to be in love with this boy in primary school if that counts ;)

My First Kiss?
My first proper kiss (using tongues :p) was when I was on holiday, and me and my friend met these two brothers. Of course I was left with the “ugly one” but I really wanted a kiss, so he kissed me.

My First Pet?
My first pet in my home was a cat called Pingy! She wasn’t that friendly L My granddad used to have a farm, so technically I used to always pick one of them that was mine, I was like “ that goats called Billy, he’s my goat” aint’ I cute.

First CD/Music I bought?
Now I don’t think I remember this one exactly but I think it was Britney spears or S Club.

First Concert I Went To?
I’ve never been to a proper concert :’( I have been to tv shows like Xfactor and Britains got talent, so I’ll make that count.

My First Best Friend?
I made best friends that turned into my enemies that turned into my best friends when I was little. Was that just me? So I think it was this girl called Mel, which also joined me in secondary school! I kind of keep in contact with her now : )

My First Job?
I worked weekends in a kennels, cleaning and feeding greyhounds – horrible job (even though I love animals!

My First Makeup?
I think this would have been a lipstick!  I remember trying on this really horrible red lipstick and it smudging all over my face, cringe!

My First Celebrity Crush?
Did anyone watch Saved By The Bell, Or Power Rangers? Well it was either Zach from SBTB or Tommy from PR!

 Love Laura <3 


  1. Such a cute tag! My first kiss wasn't great either! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. Hi Laura! lovely post, you're so funny! I've nominated you for the liebster award, have a look at the post on it here:

  3. Such a fab post, this was so funny to read! First kisses are always awkward, I think it's a rule. Mine was particularly awkward though, might just have to do this tag to share the story ;)

    Chloe xx

  4. Haha britney spears was also my first music purchase :)
    Ps- I've nominated you in my Liebster award post if you want to check it out ? :)

  5. i love this tag, the pet thing is cute 'thats my goat' :)

  6. Hi, I've nominated you for the Liebster award, I'd love if you took part. All the details are on my blog, hope you check it out!

  7. nice post

  8. Interesting to read! Fancy following each other through GFC? Let me know!:)x

  9. "My first kiss" made me laugh so much haha.
    Really like your blog - followed via GFC and bloglovin'
    Check out mine too and follow back if you like? :)


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