Be Advertised On My Blog?

Hey guys!
So I’ve noticed that some people display other peoples “blog badges” on their blogs, on the side panel...

I think that it’s a really good idea because it really helps advertise and spread the word about other people’s blogs!!!
(how many times did I say blog?) hehe

So if anyone wants to add a little badge/picture for their blog with a link on my blog, I would be more than happy to add them! I’m thinking about having about 4 or 5 to add to the side panel of my blog J

All I would ask in return is for my blog to be linked on the side of the blogs I add to mine J (if that makes sense???)
Or comment on this post below if you’re interested! OR you can tweet me.. my twitter is @LauraBlog2013 xx 

As an example of a blog badge I will add mine below!
 (when they are added to the side panel, a webaddress link would be added) 

Thanks guys J xx


  1. Hey I'm interested :) gotta make myself a badge but I was planning to do that soon anyway haha lemme know xo

  2. I'd definitely be interested in doing this! :)

    1. yay :) If you can email me your badge with the link to your blog I'll add it to the list :) x

  3. I'd be interested and would be happy to include yours too!

  4. I would be interested too! Unfortunately, I feel it would be a bad deal as I don't have very many followers x

    1. Doesn't matter on the amount of followers you have :) x

  5. thanks for your commenting on my blog,I followed you back.



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