Do Your Friends And Family Know About Your Blog?

Chatty post time! ;)
After watching Patricia’s Youtube video which was about her You Tube story, I felt really inspired by how much she achieved! There was one thing she mentioned in the video, which was how she kept her You Tube channel a secret from her friends and family! And now her channel is really successful!..                                                                    Her video is here; -
Anyways I thought I would share and query with my fellow bloggers about how much you separate your blogging/You Tube life to your “real life”

I had a You Tube Channel But my younger brother found out about it last year, and decided to show my mum! Cringe! I really enjoyed making the videos (which were from beauty to comedy) and I racked up 700 subscribers within around 8 months (that was a lot to me!) I even decided to show 2 of my best friends 2 of the videos, and they cracked up, which was a good thing because they were my “comedy” style videos. BUT they didn’t support me at all, and are oblivious to the world of You Tube, (they only use it for music.) SO after all my hard work, I decided to not be on You Tube anymore *sad face*

The reason I don’t show my friends and family my blog is because I had a blog before, and even though I had support from some of my friends I felt I would be “judged” for every single post I put on my blog and so I had no motivation.  Although I do not show anyone this current blog, I still tell people I’m into blogging, they always ask me to see it, but even though I really want to show the people.. I won’t. One day I will, but not until I feel the blog is at a point in which I can say I’m proud of it..

So ye that’s my story, but I’m really interested to know if any other bloggers or youtubers share their online productivity? Do you have support? And do you feel embarrassed?
Thanks for reading    :)

Love Laura xxx

My favourite Affordable fashion websites!

 Hey! So whilst browsing some of my go-to websites to buy clothes online, I thought to myself I wonder if there are any sites I don’t know about.. I wish I had a list of websites other people use! So I thought why not make my own list for any of you reading this...

Ps. I live in the UK, so any of you guys living in other countries, you might not be able to use some of these websites :(

I find this website very fashionable.. and affordable! (so is many of the websites I go on ;) The only issue I have with this site is that trousers/jeans/shorts always come up tight!  I love that they use collect+ as a convenient way to return any unwanted items, makes me want to shop there more!

I always thought Asos was full of really expensive stuff that I wouldn’t like. But I really like the site! It has a range of cheap to expensive; I’ve even seen some Primark clothing sold on the site which is amazing! I also love that they sell things from dresses to delicate jewellery.

This site is very similar to Misguided. (I think the clothing is even more affordable) They offer a “runway” view of each clothing piece, which means you can gather as much of an idea about the clothing before purchasing!

If you told me around 2 years ago that I would purchase clothing from Ebay, I would laugh!. (bit of a clothes snob moment?) But actually I have purchased some amazing things from Ebay, that are exactly the same products as in store.. but half the price! Bargain!!

I sometimes never find anything I like in the shops, but seem to find some cute outfits on their websites! These are 3 of my favourite J

Anyways instead of adding too many I thought I would mention my most used 5 sites! What’s your favourite website to use?

Love Laura 

My Current Everyday Foundation Routine

Hey guys, so I thought I would update you on what I'm currently using in my daily routine! :) 

As you can see on the left, that I use a couple of products just for the "skin" step of my makeup routine! I always start with my Collection 2000 concealer for my undereyes.. 
I am loving Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel at the moment, it's a perfect colour for me when I have a bit of a tan! I apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing brush.
I use Mineral Skin Finish powder by Mac in medium plus, I literally use it every-time I wear makeup!

But before applying those products I always prep my skin! As I have really dry skin.. moisturizer is a MUST.

I have been applying Hydraluron, and then any moisturizers I have with me at the time afterwards.
I let it then sink in for around 2 minutes!

After adding foundation, and bronzer/blush I then do my eye-makeup! I feel like I'm lucky with my eyelashes, they're naturally curly :) 

What's your favourite foundation? 

Love Laura xxx

Review: Naked Palette

 Hey guys! So this is another review

I bought The Naked Palette by Urban Decay, online from Debenhams about 3 months ago for about £30.

Since then I have been trying out many makeup looks including everyday what is my actual thoughts you ask?

Many of the colours have sparkle in them, but all together I find them “beautiful”. Even for a person who’s rubbish at eye shadow like me, I can easily manage to find at least two colours that will mix well together! My favourite colours are; Sidecar and Half Baked. They’re quite shimmery, but make my eyes look awake and pretty J
OK, this is something I’m finding still really difficult to master! No matter how many videos I watch, or how much I practice.. I seem to make a mess when I try and blend out eye shadows L . Therefore when I try with this palette, I still have trouble with certain colours to blend! But I find the shadows soft enough to blend, but not too soft that the colours everywhere.. YAY
Now as I said I have tried many makeup looks with this palette. But I don’t think the eye shadows actually last that long without an eye shadow primer
If you have read other reviews, you will know that a lot of people complain about the poor packaging? I actually like the way it magnetically clicks together, I have no complaints

Final thoughts?  

I really like this palette! I think it has many of the go to colours all in one go! For the price, I think you should only by it if you’re actually going to use it at least on a weekly basis!! I give this palette a 4/5

Thanks so much for reading :) Have you guys tried this palette? what do you think if you have! 
If there's anything you would like me to review don't hesitate to add it into the comments ;) xxx

Love laura 

Be Advertised On My Blog?

Hey guys!
So I’ve noticed that some people display other peoples “blog badges” on their blogs, on the side panel...

I think that it’s a really good idea because it really helps advertise and spread the word about other people’s blogs!!!
(how many times did I say blog?) hehe

So if anyone wants to add a little badge/picture for their blog with a link on my blog, I would be more than happy to add them! I’m thinking about having about 4 or 5 to add to the side panel of my blog J

All I would ask in return is for my blog to be linked on the side of the blogs I add to mine J (if that makes sense???)
Or comment on this post below if you’re interested! OR you can tweet me.. my twitter is @LauraBlog2013 xx 

As an example of a blog badge I will add mine below!
 (when they are added to the side panel, a webaddress link would be added) 

Thanks guys J xx

Writers Block ...

I was reading one of Zoella’s blog posts the other day, and she mentioned something about having “writers block”  I thought to myself how can you be blank on what to do for a blog post, there’s so much you can talk about!

But I think I jinxed myself!

I've currently  gone blank for my next blog post, but really don’t want to abandon my blog! So I’m asking for YOUR help!
I love to do chatty posts but also beauty posts! But what would you want to read?

Thanks guys! 

Love Laura xxxx 

OOTN: Pub On The Weekend

Hey guys, so this is just an quick outfit update!

I’m wearing Black Disco Pants from Ebay! ( I highly recommend them, they’re just like the American Apparel ones!!)  I’m wearing a random tight fitted pink vest top, with a lace top over it from New Look. I added my favourite pair of heels at the moment, black wedges also from New Look. And finished off the look with my Marc Jacobs watch and New Look necklace.

Byeeeeee, Laura <3 nbsp="" o:p="">

My First Time Tag

Hey guys so I’m doing that naughty sounding tag today! I think I’ve picked random questions from the set of questions to add. If that makes sense! Enjoy reading, and I tag any of you that reads this! J

My First Love?
I’ve never been in love L I thought I used to be in love with this boy in primary school if that counts ;)

My First Kiss?
My first proper kiss (using tongues :p) was when I was on holiday, and me and my friend met these two brothers. Of course I was left with the “ugly one” but I really wanted a kiss, so he kissed me.

My First Pet?
My first pet in my home was a cat called Pingy! She wasn’t that friendly L My granddad used to have a farm, so technically I used to always pick one of them that was mine, I was like “ that goats called Billy, he’s my goat” aint’ I cute.

First CD/Music I bought?
Now I don’t think I remember this one exactly but I think it was Britney spears or S Club.

First Concert I Went To?
I’ve never been to a proper concert :’( I have been to tv shows like Xfactor and Britains got talent, so I’ll make that count.

My First Best Friend?
I made best friends that turned into my enemies that turned into my best friends when I was little. Was that just me? So I think it was this girl called Mel, which also joined me in secondary school! I kind of keep in contact with her now : )

My First Job?
I worked weekends in a kennels, cleaning and feeding greyhounds – horrible job (even though I love animals!

My First Makeup?
I think this would have been a lipstick!  I remember trying on this really horrible red lipstick and it smudging all over my face, cringe!

My First Celebrity Crush?
Did anyone watch Saved By The Bell, Or Power Rangers? Well it was either Zach from SBTB or Tommy from PR!

 Love Laura <3 

My Top 5 Foundations (For Dry Skin)

Hey guys! So This is another beauty post. J (I always state the obvious.. why Laura haha)

1 Chanel Vitaluminere Aqua
This foundation I hated when I first tried it! I now love it and use it nearly every day (on days I don’t have photos taken, because it doesn’t photograph too well) It dries semi-matte and looks like I have no foundation on, but leaving my skin look fresh and clear.

 2 YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat

This is a love/hate at the moment. I love this on days in which I have fake tan on and I don’t need the foundation to last too long! This is very dewy, so great for dry skin.

3 MAC Face And Body
This I would say is the ultimate foundation for someone with dry skin, I mean if none of the other foundations mentioned stop your skin looking flaky, this most defiantly won't flake!! The coverage is LOOOOW so pre warning there.

4 Bourjois Healthy Mix
This is a drugstore GEM. The coverage is medium, and leaves your skin looking fresh but not too shiny.

5 Bare Minerals

This one might come as a surprise to you, as it is a powdered foundation. Believe it or not this is amazing on my dry skin! You can control how much you build the foundation, so if it starts to look cakey/flaky you know you need to stop adding! Make sure you use a good base moisturizer before using this. 

SOOO yea they are my recommendations, I LOVE all of these, but I'm still looking for that one foundation that does what all of these do in one! Hope you enjoyed reading :)
What's your favourite foundation?? 

Love Laura<3

Be The Better Person

This is one of those blog posts in which I hope you can get a lil “Sumthin’ Sumthin’” from. I don’t know really what to call this post, because I’m currently sitting here writing this hoping to inspire someone to just – Be the better person.

So I have dealt with a lot of NASTY people within my 22 years, and I have learnt some lessons I think?.... From being bullied at school, to being made a fool off by A horrible manager. When these people got to me, I used to bitch about them of course, because I was angry and wanted others to hear what I thought! The thing is when you bitch, you sometimes create more trouble and that is the point of this post I guess?
When I worked in my previous job, (which was a small shop), it ended with me being fearful whenever I was off work because I was scared of the things people would be saying about me behind my back.  I hated my job, because I was left all the responsibility, paid minimum wage, and basically did the manager’s job, while they relaxed at home. I was fed up, because every time they were in work, they’d be-little me in front of everyone, despite how hard I worked!! I got upset and so confided in my colleagues – what a mistake! Things got worse and worse, to the point that everyone spoke about everyone behind their back, and you were always worried about the other person finding out what you said about them!

That’s one major situation in which you realise that no matter how you think you can think you trust someone, speaking about other people can always backfire!

So what’s your point Laura?..... Well I promised myself from that day on, I wouldn’t speak negatively about someone behind their back unless necessary, no matter if I had juicy gossip, or something that would affect someone’s life to benefit mine.
I have mostly kept to my own word, and feel so much better for it! I mean I weren’t a bitchy person in the first place! But to confidently feel that I’m not a too faced person makes me have a different, way less nervous feeling. I hate nastiness, so even if I hate someone and could ruin their reputation in minutes by spreading a TRUE rumour, I still probably wouldn’t!

So yea, what I'm trying to say is don't change from being a good person to benefit someone else. 

I would also like to point out that of course you need to stand up for yourself in certain situations! Looking back at that situation with the shop I worked at, I was letting them walk all over me, I should have dealt with it professionally!  I'm not a strong person to deal with confrontation, and I'm hoping I will be one day! 

Anyways, thanks so much for reading!! 

Love Laura <3 

Essential Items YOU need In Your Wardrobe!

A Leather Jacket
I recently purchased my leather jacket and couldn’t be happier! Not only does a leather jacket look “cool” but it goes with almost every outfit, From Maxi dresses to skinny jeans!!

I actually only own one LBD that I would say I would still wear out (because all my other ones are out of fashion) But you can wear your little black dress for so many occasions (perfect for those last minute invites)

Skinny Jeans 
I've been wearing skinny jeans for years, and hopefully will continue to (ok sounding a bit too emotional there haha) But yes I think they are so flattering if they fit you right, and can be dressed up or dressed down!

White T-Shirt
 The white Tee can go with so many outfits, and are great to wear if you’re wearing something really colourful etc. Baggy or tight fitted they can look ultra-chic with the right bottoms.

A Blazer
I own a couple of blazers and love them! You can go from A day to night outfit in a second! They are also great for a mid-season (not cold not warm) weather.

I 'm going to try add an " OOTD" post at least once a week! :) xxxxx

Love Laura <3

My Favorite Everyday Products

Hey Guys So I thought I would share my most used everyday beauty products!!

1. Dove Summer Glow
Years ago I was addicted to daily tanners (I used to use the johnsons one) But when I found out about proper tanners that would save me the hassle of tanning daily I forgot about the daily tanners. Recently I was getting fed up of normal tanners going all dry and patchy so I've rediscovered this product and I'm so happy I have! So much less obvious I have fake tan on and much less patchiness!

2. Clean And Clear Morning Energy
This little beauty not only makes my skin feel clean and fresh, it also gently exfoliates my skin everyday :) YAY

3. Compressed Deodorant
I usually use Sure, But I have been using these mini deodorants (that have as much as the bigger cans) And love them :) 

4. Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and Conditioner
I am in love with this range! Smells amazing, but also makes my hair softer and shiny! I try not to wash my hair everyday, but if i do it's with these!

5. Chanel Vitaluminere Aqua
I'm not really trying to add makeup items to this post as I use so many things makeup wise everyday (maybe an upcoming post) But I have been wearing this beautiful foundation daily.. it feels like I have nothing on!

6. Hydraluron
This has transformed my skin, I did a little review on this last month, and all I can say is it's amazing! I wear this everyday before I apply my moisturizer

7. Burts Bees Lip Balm
I have this is honey. (matches in with the shampoo and conditioner I've using *cringe*) and its a reallly nice everyday handbag lip balm :)

So yea guys there's some random picks of things I use daily!! I really love seeing what other people use so hopefully others do this post!! 

Thanks for reading guys, Do you own any of these products??

Love Laura <3