Bikini Body: Zumba Home DVD, And Eating Healthier?

Hey Guys! I don’t know if you read a post I did a couple of months ago about doing the 200 sit ups challenge?!

Anyways long story cut short, I was advised that just doing sit ups on their own would not turn my body into a hot bikini body! *sad face* and so I gave up on the challenge.

 I had bought the Zumba complete home kit about a year ago and kept it lodged in a cupboard where I thought it belonged, but I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to give it another go!
I have lost one of the DVD’s ( I think it’s the 20min workout or something) and so I am left with the abs workout and zumba live! But I am prepared to see what these fun intense workouts will do to my body! I have around one month until I go away on holiday, so I really hope to see some results then!
 I do shift work, in which it only allows me the time to do the workouts around3/4 times a week. I hope that is enough. I will try to add different workouts and try to walk places instead of driving. 

I am also changing my eating plan (slightly) (I am not a huge junk food fan, but I do love good old mcdonalds once a week.) I am eating fruit instead of chocolate!?!?!  I am a huge chocoholic, in which I usually eat it for breakfast, a couple of bars at lunch and a chocolate bar after dinner! That is going to have to change.  I am also adding green tea daily. I'm just all around eating healthier then usual :) 

I am hoping the small subtle changes will make me have a body I feel comfortable in!!  Wish me luck x

Love Laura <3


  1. I love zumba! I did zumba for 3 weeks every morning , everyday and I started to see my body toning up! then I stop. I really think I should get back into it. Oh and I loooove chocolate too!

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  5. gotta love zumba! :)

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  6. I hope this goes well for you! I try to eat healthily and keep up with regular exercise but I just lack the motivation! would love to try zumba though!


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