Don’t live in the past.

Hey guys, so if you don’t know, I suffer sometimes from what I think is a form of anxiety. Recently I have been wondering and thinking back as to why I have anxiety, as someone mentioned to me once that it must be something that affected me whilst I was growing up.
When I do think back, all I can relay my thoughts to, is how I was treated by bullies, and just nasty people for years. 
The way I always was nice to people, but ended up getting treated like crap, this not only lowered my confidence, but also really affected my self-esteem. The thing is can I really just sit there feeling angry for how others treated me? After all they were just teenagers as was I. It does sometimes upset me when I look back to this day (even though I’m 22 now) but my life is so different to how it was then (socially).

I’m in such a good place in life, I work hard for the things I have,
and maybe I can use my horrible experience for good?
So what I’m trying to say is, if you had a bad experience with something a couple of years ago, don’t let it affect the rest of your life, because you will be sitting there angry at them and YOURSELF.  So for the days that I feel self-doubt about myself because of a previous bad experience, hopefully I can look back at this blog post and think differently. 

I really want to do something anti-bullying wise, I would love to help at least one person. Many people deal with bullying not only in school, but it can also be in working life aswell! 

Hope everyone has a good day :) And don't live too much in the past! Love Laura <3 
*Cringe Face*

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hey guys, so I have been nominated by the lovely Sisters Who Shop to do this tag J  (Thanks Guys!) So as I haven’t seen this tag around so much, I thought it would be interesting to do it J

The rules for this award are:

·                     Display the award logo on your blog.
·                     Link back to the person who nominated you.
·                     Share 7 facts about yourself.
·                     Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
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7 Facts about me..
1.    Sometimes I start work as early as 4am. 
2.    I love stars
3.    I like playing the x box, especially black ops
4.    I don't trust people easy, even if I act like I do
5.    I don't have a favourite colour. 
6.    Instagram is my favourite app 
7.    I drive a black car. 

10 Bloggers I nominate..

Thanks guys for reading! Remember anyone can do this tag! J

Quick Review: Barry M Gelly Nail Paint (Blueberry)

So this is a quick review of the “not so new anymore” gelly nail varnishes from Barry M.

Good points:

     ·       Can cover nail with one coat
·        Shiny finish
·        Easy application
·        Cute colours for the summer

These Nail varnishes have impressed me because they are fuss free! No waiting hours for 3 coats of nail varnish to dry! I would recommend these to everyone!  I have two colours.

***The “purpley one” seems to make my hand look a little ghostly so be careful if you have a slight pale skin tone!! L

Love Laura <3

Blog Collaborations?!

Hey guys! So you know people collaborate on videos on YouTube, well I thought it would be kool to do it on Blogger?!

I am guessing people have already collaborated in blog posts, and I would love to do it myself! 
As my blog is a bit of everything, I would like to blog about beauty to dating advice. (HAHA) If anyone would like to collaborate, or has any advice, or even has collaborated with a blogger and has a post for me to read.. please comment J
I am also lacking in inspiration for a new blog post L I mean I have beauty products to do reviews on, but I think that can get a little boring! I mean some blogs are based on doing beauty reviews, and I love that, but I want to write about something that I’m excited to share!! If there is any BLOG IDEAS people have please add them in the comments or email me – 

Thanks guys J
Ps. Here’s some random photos from my week J
Love Laura <3

Bikini Body: Zumba Home DVD, And Eating Healthier?

Hey Guys! I don’t know if you read a post I did a couple of months ago about doing the 200 sit ups challenge?!

Anyways long story cut short, I was advised that just doing sit ups on their own would not turn my body into a hot bikini body! *sad face* and so I gave up on the challenge.

 I had bought the Zumba complete home kit about a year ago and kept it lodged in a cupboard where I thought it belonged, but I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to give it another go!
I have lost one of the DVD’s ( I think it’s the 20min workout or something) and so I am left with the abs workout and zumba live! But I am prepared to see what these fun intense workouts will do to my body! I have around one month until I go away on holiday, so I really hope to see some results then!
 I do shift work, in which it only allows me the time to do the workouts around3/4 times a week. I hope that is enough. I will try to add different workouts and try to walk places instead of driving. 

I am also changing my eating plan (slightly) (I am not a huge junk food fan, but I do love good old mcdonalds once a week.) I am eating fruit instead of chocolate!?!?!  I am a huge chocoholic, in which I usually eat it for breakfast, a couple of bars at lunch and a chocolate bar after dinner! That is going to have to change.  I am also adding green tea daily. I'm just all around eating healthier then usual :) 

I am hoping the small subtle changes will make me have a body I feel comfortable in!!  Wish me luck x

Love Laura <3

Some Of My Favourite bloggers

I saw that someone had done a similar post to this. I thought I would share what blogs I love to read, I get a little motivated when I see a new post from them pop up onto my blogger homepage. Some of the blogs you may not have heard of before, and that’s the beauty of doing this post, as now you will have.

This was the first blogger I ever knew of. I remember the first post I read was something to do with a middle parting (as I wanted to know whether I would make a change from my side fringe at the time). I remember when she first started making YouTube videos also. She has done so well from her Blog.

Vivianna Makeup:
This girl is so naturally pretty. Her blog writing and design is AMAZING. I love how she always seems to find a new beauty product and really go into detail about it.

This girls style is on top form! Whenever I see a new post from her pop up I can’t help but check out what her latest styling magic is.

Em Talks:
I remember this girl popping up on my blog, and loved her blog instantly. Her blog design is effortless yet wonderful, it’s really easy to navigate and read on the latest products she is raving about. Her photography showing the products are really good aswell!

I want this girl’s hair. She is another blogger that has a YouTube channel (in fact a lot of these mentioned do) She seems so down to earth. Her fashion styling is so cute that I want to go and buy what she’s wearing.  

This girl’s body is AMAZE. Her video came up on my YouTube home page, recommended by someone else and wow is she motivating! If you want a REAL girl to motivate you into getting a perfect body that you want then check her out.

Who’s That Girl:
This blog is so interesting to read. It’s about sex/relationships. Real stuff.

Sisters Who Shop:
Such a fashionable and sleek blog! From what I can see/read it’s two people that control the blog. I love their design of the blog.

Smudges Of Thoughts:
This blog isn't probably as popular as it should be. The detail in the blog post is great, including lots of good quality photos and writing.

Moments Of Style:
Ahh I love this persons fashion choices, and just positivity! You will probably know her as Patricia Bright on YouTube. I would imagine she is a role model to many people, not because of her fashion, but her personality.

Anyways there are MANY more people to mention. But whilst writing this I thought I would pick my fave people from different categories J Who’s your favourite bloggers?

Love Laura <3

First Impression: Hydraluron Moisture Booster

This product has been RAVED about by beauty bloggers, including Pixiwoo.
I have been desperate to get hold of this since I saw it featured in one of my fave beauty guru’s youtube videos.

What is it? It’s a serum of Hylaronic Acid, that is meant to boost the moisture in your skin (hence the name)
This is exactly what I need, as I have really DRY skin.

What’s it feel like? When first applying this onto the skin it’s a weird feeling. The only texture I can compare it to is hand sanitizer. That sort of watery liquid. It dries REALLY quickly and you forget you’ve applied it.

Final Impression?  The results from this product are meant to show in around 8 weeks. But for some odd reason I can tell it’s doing something good to my skin. Hello product that is going to keep my skin young….. my older self will be happy at me for using this ;)
I really recommend this to anyone that is interested in skin care, or has dry skin.
This is for around £25, so it’s a pretty high price for something from Boots. But hey you get what you pay for sometimes J xx

Have you tried this???
Love Laura <3

Review: Xen-Tan Dark Lotion

So a couple of weeks ago I did a review on the Mousse Intense by Xen-Tan and was very disappointed in it!
But after much thought I didn’t want to disregard other Xen-Tan products and made a small(ish) purchase on which brings me on to the dark lotion.

When I first applied it, I immediately liked it! I know that is super quick, but it was so moisturizing  and the smell was heaven. As I know my way to fake tan, I applied the product in the evening and washed off the next morning. It didn’t disappoint! The colour was a golden yet subtle brown, much better than my ghostly natural pale self. I went to work that day and instantly got compliments on how “fresh” I looked; little did they know it was down to some coating of fake tan. I then applied it that evening and in the morning was left with a deeper, gorgeous tan!

I have used it a couple of times since, and can safely tell you it’s my current fave fake tan. This is just like St moritz, but so much more moisturising.
The only disappointment was that in certain areas it does go patchy. But I guess I do expect that with fake tans- that’s what moisturizers for J

So far I would give this tan 4/5 because the price is quite steep, and I don’t really like the packaging (it’s not very travel safe).

Also sadly I don't think it fades evenly (even though many reviews say it does)

What's your fave fake tan? Thanks guys for reading! Love laura <3

OOTD and Fresh Summer Makeup

Heyyy so I just wanted to show you guys my makeup and hair for today!
It's hot in England today! 26 degrees!!

The outfit:
sorry about the poor quality. .. 
This is a simple chic look. Maxi skirt from boohoo, and a NYC tee from primark, I will pair with some cute sandals :) 

Damnn quality again.. 
I am wearing ysl touch√© √©clat foundation with mac msf powder in medium plus (as I have fake tanned) I have put a mixture of a nude sleek blush and benefit coralista on the cheeks. I added a sweep of maybeline colour tattoo in "on and in bronze", with an adding off lloreal million lashes mascara. Finally I added my really old but all time fave lipstick by revlon in pink blush.  The makeup is ALOT more glowy then it's picking up on the camera xx

Thanks for reading. 
Love laura <3 

Retractable Makeup Brush

Hey guys, so I’ve just received my delivery from and wanted to show you one of the products I bought!

This retractable brush is amazing for travel! Or for your makeup bag! I’m always fussy about where I put my makeup brushes in my handbag because they always get dirty, and then I have to use them on my face!.. ewww

I have only used this brush once, and the quality isn’t as amazing as my beloved Real Techniques brushes, but hey this brush is bought for convenience. J

Love Laura <3

Things I Want To Buy On Pay Day #3

I can’t believe I’m on my third one of these already! I will buy at least one item the following month from each list! On my first wish list, I mentioned a leather jacket from Amazon, and will be doing a review on it as soon as I get the chance to take pictures  xxx .. So let’s get on to the items for this month J

1 Hydraluron Moisture Booster – This product has been raved about so much recently! It is a hyaluronic acid serum, perfect for people with dry skin to boost the moisture levels. £25 from Boots

2 Revlon Cream Blush – I tested this out recently, but felt guilty buying it at the time (because I waste too much money on makeup) They do a lovely coral or pink blendable blush.

3 La Roche Posey Moisturiser – This product also has been raved about by Beauty Bloggers!  This is meant to be a really good moisturiser.. we shall see when I eventually get it.

4 Lace Shorts – I have found some amazing buys recently on Ebay, and now I’ve found the perfect pair of cute lacey shorts.. all adding up to £5 whaaaaa?

5 Misguided Swing Crop Top (with chain straps) – This is currently my fave online clothes shop! I think this top is so cute, great to go with shorts in the summer.

Love Laura <3