Top Mistakes Girls Make... When It Comes To Men

Hey guys!

So I thought I would make a list of the things girls do, that they really shouldn't  All these things I have either done myself, or I've  observed happen! This list is to do with men/boyfriends/dates. 

  • Wearing too much makeup to impress a guy - Ahh yes a lot of girls will do this! ie. me. But Going on a date looking like a clown full of makeup will just make you conscious of being natural in front of the guy further along in the relationship, or may actually scare the guy off (not many guys like fake girls)
  • Chasing A guy that treats you like crap - This one really annoys me when I see it happen! If a guy isn't interested in you, then why chase him? Sorry but it just looks desperate!
  • Being easy.. - I think this one annoys me the most! I have had so many friends in tears because they haven't heard back from the guy they just met and have slept with. Why would a guy have respect for a girl that freely does whatever? Isn't it more fun giving the guy a chase and giving him the chance that he deserves you? 
  • Forgetting Friends - So you've just started dating a guy, and forget your friends? BIG MISTAKE. partners come and go but real friends should always be there when things don't go so well
  • Being a pushover - Girls! If he is always borrowing money off you, or gets away with everything then you'll be turning into his mum not his partner!
  • Forgiving too easy - So, he's cheated on you? Do you forgive him within 5 mins? if yes then he won't think anything of it, and may cheat again! Never let anyone treat you like a doormat.. no one deserves to get cheated on!

So anyways these are only a couple of things that many girls do! Do you/Have you done any of these? any more to add to the list? 

                                   Love Laura

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