Things I want to buy on pay day #2

Hey guys, so this is kinda my favourite type post to write at the moment! I know it's a bit early in the month to be doing this, but somehow I have ran out of shopping money already! 

Here’s the list..

1.  Urban Decay Face Spray
This spray has many good reviews! I have tried skindinavia, and Mac fix+ but both have run out L

2.  Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm
This has been made out to be a “cult product” for someone like me with dry skin – I reallyyyy want to try this! I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

3.  Blog Book
This has is no particular “product” but I want to find a cute book to write down all my blog ideas J

4.  Macadamia Oil products
I have seen many reviews over the years on these products! I have dry frizzy hair, so products like these should help bring life back to my hair! I have tried Moroccan Oil and thought that was OK – nothing special.

5.  Real Technique Brushes (Duo Fibre)
I nearly bought these the other day! But saving for a holiday has meant I feel guilty and buying things “ I don’t need” just yet.

6. Midi Skirt

I will be doing this kind of post every month!
I will be also purchasing at least one of the products I mention the following month, so will try to add a review J

Thanks so much for your support, and reading!

                                      Love Laura


  1. I really like these kinds of posts! I also have really dry hair so the macadamia oil products look really good and the midi skirt looks really nice too :)

    Millie xx

  2. I love the midi skirt, they are so flattering on any figure.


  3. I love reading and creating these types of posts. I'm also after the Urban Decay spray as well. I used to use a notebook for blogging but with all my scribbling and things it just didn't work out. Now I use any type of wordpad on my computer and microsoft excel starter as a blog editorial calender. It's sooo freaking helpful to just have a place to keep your random blog post ideas. Anyways, I'm your newest follower. Follow my blog if you like it :)

    1. ahh yea that's true I might just store my blog ideas in a word document or something xx

  4. Ahhh the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque saved my hair!! I have really curly dry hair and it turned things around quickly!!



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