The "No Makeup Makeup"

Hey guys.

As from the title you will see that I’m talking about “barely there makeup”!.............. I used to be the person that would wear EVERYTHING makeup wise EVERYDAY– concealer, foundation, more foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, …etc BUT I started to figure why would I need to wear it every day? Doesn't it make it more special to do the “done up look” on special occasions or days you want to look extra nice :)

Anyways if you don’t have the confidence to literally wear barely any makeup, then be smart with makeup! You can wear loads but it can still look natural! 

  1. Match your foundation correctly!
  2. Don't pick a blusher that is too bright, pick more natural pinks/corals
  3. Use brushes that don't apply too much product at once
  4. Use a lipstick that is close to your natural lip color
  5. Use a lip balm instead of lip gloss
  6. emphasis your favorite part of your face only eg. adding mascara to your eyes
  7. Use a bronzer instead of blush for a sunkissed look!
  8. moisturize your skin before applying makeup so that it glides on therefore not using too much product
  9. blend blend blend 
  10. mix foundation with a moisturizer so that it isn't too thick

Also I would recommend foundations like MAC face and body, as they are buildable  and look so natural on the skin!!

                                     Love Laura


  1. Very pretty. Natural does look better for day-to-day :) x

  2. Pretty!

    I'm bad..I tend to wear makeup every day! I think I need to try and tone it down...might as well for the Summer!

  3. great post, your skin looks amazing! xx

  4. Really pretty!! Great tips too. I love your blog by the way:)


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