Review: Xen-Tan Mousse Intense Weekly Self-Tan

Hey guys, so I’m writing up a couple of reviews a week on products I’ve tried and tested! Now it’s the turn of the fake tans! I have tried many fake tans through the years including; Fake Bake and St Moritz.
The fake tan I’m talking about today hasn’t actually had many reviews on it, so I thought I would give my total honest opinion, because after reading the other reviews online, I was totally excited to buy it, but trust me it was nothing to be that excited about.. 

Excuse the manky bottle! whoops.. 
Application: The application of this product is very EASY! As it is a mousse. That type is usually easier because the product won’t “drip” or leak everywhere, and the formulation blends.

Colour: When I first applied it,  it was a sort of greeny/brown colour, but I wasn’t scared at all as I always apply fake tans the night before  and just simply wash off next morning. But every time I had a shower in the morning, the colour from the fake tan was barely visible! #Disappointment. It was really annoying because I would have spent ages applying the tan, for a far too subtle tan. I tested applying the tan the following night too, and this was not so disappointing! A much more deeper, natural, olive tan! So basically it takes “two coats” to get a desired tan.

Longevity: This is the part in which I was majorly disappointed on! After 2 days (bare in mind it is a weekly self-tan, and I had exfoliated/moisturised like you’re meant too) the colour started to go patchy! And I started to have tiny bumps on my arms! I love St Moritz, but the reason I bought the Xen-Tan was because of how St Moritz does this to my skin also!

Final Verdict…I am so disappointed in the product (how many times have I said disappointed in this post) and really wanted to love the product! I have read up that some mousse type tans can be very drying, and I think that is what it did to my skin! I have just ordered the Xen-Tan Dark Lotion because I’m not prepared to give up Xen-Tan just yet! Wish me luck on liking it!

I give this tan 2/5 because of the longevity, but I still liked the colour from the tan.  :(

Love Laura <3


  1. I've never tried self tan, and it's interesting to read your review! Thanks for sharing it :) xo akiko
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  3. I have the dark xen tan lotion and I find that's only good with a few applications too, otherwise its no where near dark :(

    1. ahh! oh no I've just bought it online! x

    2. May be amazing for you, so many people rave about it! Hope it works well :)


  4. never used something like that


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