My Ambitions

I Want To Write
This is something in which I feel I can kind of achieve!. Writing a blog will help me practice and use the experience to maybe do more with it

I want to be on stage
I don't think anyone that knows me knows this. But I've always wanted that confidence to be an actress or be on stage - or like panto's.
You may laugh at this idea, but think how fun and inspiring it would be to do that?

I want to work with animals
I've grown up on a sorta farm, where I loved animals. I did work experience at a dog kennels and enjoy training my dog. 
So ye I guess I wanted to be a dog trainer. 

I want to work with makeup
I'm no way a trained makeup artist, or can do my makeup amazing. But I still enjoy doing makeup! I always read beauty blogs, and the occasional Youtube video- they really inspire me!

I want to work within psychology
I've always been the type of person to analyse things. (maybe everyone does it i'm not sure) I'm not one of those to jump into a situation, but to look at things- and defo analyse people. Unfortunately I was stopped and told to not go to university by my peers, So I will never know what could have been. 

Earlier this year, I bought an "dslr" Canon camera in which i was soo excited to have purchased. But being the sensible me, taking the money out of my savings to buy it made me feel really GUILTY! so basically I returned the camera :( and now I'm starting to regret it.. 
As this is the easiest of the "ambitions" to do without going out of my comfort zone - I might reunite with my beloved shiny camera

So there's some things I kinda like the idea of doing! Will I accomplish any of these? Do you have something you dream to do?

                                      Love Laura


  1. Hi. Really like your blog. I hope you'll accomplish your dreams. I want to work with make-up too but I'm not trained at all :P

    If you have time, please check out my blog. I've only just started -


    Steph xx

  2. These are wonderful ambitions: I share several of the same ones including the first 4 that you listed. Also, if you wanted to do psychology, you should've done it! You would've been so pleased with yourself, I'm sure. It's never too late! :)

    P.S. I know how you feel about the camera- they are pretty pricey. I'm thankful mine was a gift but even if it hadn't been, I still would've purchased one because I think it's a great investment- good cameras are such a great thing to have! xx

    1. aww thanks for the feedback! I know I should have done it, but I guess I'm really scared of doing things outside of my comfort zone xx

  3. I love these sort of posts! They motivate me, and think that they're really inspirational to read :) xx

  4. I love your blog, and I hope you accomplish all your dreams!
    If buying a DSLR seems a bit too steep, a bridge camera is like a step between a standard digital and a dslr. I have no clue about cameras, like at all, and the thought of a million different functions terrifies me, but I manage to use my bridge okay :P

    Clo xox

    1. Ye I bought a Nikon digital camera recently, so I think I might start with that :D xx

  5. Aw love your blog :) Inspirational post, you can definitely achieve it all <3
    Penny Rose

  6. I love psychology, i did it at A Level and was going to do it at uni but changed my mind last minute. I also also would love to work in beauty but i dont think id ever be good enough! As Walt Disney says, NO DREAM IS TOO BIG. Reach for the stars girl! Good luck xxx

    1. You can always try with beauty, I think you would be good:) haha and aww thanks :D x

  7. Really loved this post!! Great idea.
    One of my biggest dreams would be to be a fashion photographer and travel around the world.

    Christina xx

  8. Awww great list! I was thinking of making a list for myself of things I want to learn. It's probably a good way to get stuff done!

    Great post! And your blog rocks! Check mine out. Maybe we can follow each other :D
    Lattes & Lacee

  9. Such a good idea for a post I really enjoyed it! Buy the camera!! :) X


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