Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin!

Hey guys, so I thought I would tell you about a lil
miracle that I unexpectedly found!.....Browsing around Tesco's  I decided to go down the skincare section and noticed some pretty pink packaging for young skin and
decided to give it a go. I'm always so skeptical about trying a new moisturizer now, this is because I have spent £££'s on moisturizers that are meant for my skin type, and have seen no good results :( x

Anyways let me tell you what this product is.. 

This is Skin Wisdom Youth Protect Day Moisturizer

As you can see this is a cream, that looks quite thick. But for someone like me that horrible dry even sometimes flaky skin it's perfect! Once I have applied this my skin looks dewy, and I wait about 5 mins before applying any foundation. Once the moisturizer has "sunk" into the skin it's not too greasy and feels like you would expect a moisturizer to feel like (if that makes sense hahah)

Anyways out of 5 I would give this a 4- just because it takes a little while to sink into the skin, and I'm quite impatient! whoops!

What is your fave moisturizer? hit me with those comments ;) 

Love Laura


  1. This looks like a moisturizer i would love! Do you know if they do one for oily skin? Great review! <3

    1. probably not, because the brand is aimed at old, dry skin xx :)

  2. Ooooooo! this seems perfect for my skin, my skins just sooooo dry!

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    fellow beauty blogger..


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