Using up my Beauty Stash..

Any of you girls/guys keep products to the side for just in case you need or want them??
Some of the stash...

Well I do, and let me tell you, I never end up using them again, and instead I keep purchasing similar products, and then I end up with a draw full of half used products that GROW!!
Well enough is enough, I’ve decided I AM going to use the products before I buy new ones.. I’ve started using up many of my half tried and tested shampoos, moisturisers, foundations etc. This is good because I won’t feel so guilty buying something new, and also I’m not wasting what I’ve bought!
Using up my mini Righteous Butter
If you do the same as me – “A Beauty Hoarder” …then why not have a clear out, you never know you might find, maybe something you forgot you have and love!

Love Laura <3


 Many of you will be like “blah blah blah” I’m sick of hearing about Bloglovin’, but just for luck I thought I would update everyone that I am on Bloglovin, and would love all of you too follow J
The end.. ;) xx

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Love Laura <3

Review: Xen-Tan Mousse Intense Weekly Self-Tan

Hey guys, so I’m writing up a couple of reviews a week on products I’ve tried and tested! Now it’s the turn of the fake tans! I have tried many fake tans through the years including; Fake Bake and St Moritz.
The fake tan I’m talking about today hasn’t actually had many reviews on it, so I thought I would give my total honest opinion, because after reading the other reviews online, I was totally excited to buy it, but trust me it was nothing to be that excited about.. 

Excuse the manky bottle! whoops.. 
Application: The application of this product is very EASY! As it is a mousse. That type is usually easier because the product won’t “drip” or leak everywhere, and the formulation blends.

Colour: When I first applied it,  it was a sort of greeny/brown colour, but I wasn’t scared at all as I always apply fake tans the night before  and just simply wash off next morning. But every time I had a shower in the morning, the colour from the fake tan was barely visible! #Disappointment. It was really annoying because I would have spent ages applying the tan, for a far too subtle tan. I tested applying the tan the following night too, and this was not so disappointing! A much more deeper, natural, olive tan! So basically it takes “two coats” to get a desired tan.

Longevity: This is the part in which I was majorly disappointed on! After 2 days (bare in mind it is a weekly self-tan, and I had exfoliated/moisturised like you’re meant too) the colour started to go patchy! And I started to have tiny bumps on my arms! I love St Moritz, but the reason I bought the Xen-Tan was because of how St Moritz does this to my skin also!

Final Verdict…I am so disappointed in the product (how many times have I said disappointed in this post) and really wanted to love the product! I have read up that some mousse type tans can be very drying, and I think that is what it did to my skin! I have just ordered the Xen-Tan Dark Lotion because I’m not prepared to give up Xen-Tan just yet! Wish me luck on liking it!

I give this tan 2/5 because of the longevity, but I still liked the colour from the tan.  :(

Love Laura <3

Coconut Oil!

Hey guys. So this is kind of a review on a naturalproduct you can use for many things! But today I am mostly talking about usingit on your hair!
The product comes in a solid- in a huge round tub; to usethe product you must scope some of it out and warm it up between your hands –then it turns into an oil (liquid form)
I apply the product to dry, second day hair starting fromthe ends covering it with the oil, and ending with massaging the oil into myscalp. I leave it overnight to settle into the hair shaft and wash it out thenext morning. TA DA! You are left with moisturised, shiny hair! This is perfectfor someone like me with dry, damaged, curly/wavy hair! I use this once a weekand love how my feels like after I have used it! The product is quiteinexpensive compared to all these cheesy hair products in the shops that CLAIMto do the same thing (but most of the time don’t) Also if you’re trying to GROWYOUR HAIR, then this substance has been known to help your hair grow! What morecould you want J

I bought my coconut oil from Amazon for £10 but this hugetub will last AGES!!  I have also usedcoconut oil for moisturising my skin after a shower (smells gorge) or warmingit up on a cotton wool pad to remove eye makeup! So what are you waiting for?If you want a product that actually works to look after your hair then get it! ;)

                                     Love Laura

Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

So I don’t know if I have mentioned this on my blog before, but I’m a HUGE foundation collector/junkie!

My shade: B20 Beige Tendre

I currently love my on/off foundation by Chanel, and thought I would do a review of this. I am on my second bottle of this, and as I am liking it again I thought I could give a good enough honest review!

Packaging: The packaging is a plastic, kinda cheap looking boxy shape. The Chanel symbol is at the top, but it doesn’t make the foundation look high end/expensive. This bottle is VERY travel friendly, I feel like the twist top is very secure, and it’s not too heavy to carry around.
 Price: As this foundation is high end, of course there is a hefty price tag. On average I spend £20/£25 on foundations, so this isn’t majorly expensive to me, but to many people it is really pricey. I paid around £34 for my second bottle (eek) and when I first bought the foundation, it was really new and hard to get hold off so I spent around £45 because I was that desperate (major eek)

Texture: I love the texture of this foundation. It’s quite watery (need to shake the bottle before application) and blends seamlessly! When on the skin it is semi-matte ( I usually HATE matte foundations) But it looks so natural I love it.

Coverage: I would not recommend this foundation for anyone with acne/skin that needs high coverage. The coverage is light/ medium; it looks like skin on skin.

Skin Type?: My skin type is DRY. I would recommend this foundation for nearly every skin type! Except really oily skin, but then people with that skin type could use this as long as they powder up! J

Final verdict.. I would give this foundation 4/5 ( a great everyday foundation)
Some of my many foundations!

Love Laura <3

A Free/Easy Way To Create Your Own Blogger Title

Hey guys! So I’m quite excited to share this website.

current blogger title while writing this post!

Many of you may have heard about this website, or have already used it! But I have just found out about it! I’ve been trying to create a custom yet simple banner/blog title for ages!! I wanted something with a picture of myself (not vain) and obviously with my blogger title. I have been using paint all this time, and couldn’t add photos/textured backgrounds, because it is such a basic program!
This website does so much simple things that I wanted to do before, but couldn’t. Now the current blogger title I have has just been edited using this website, and I am still playing around with different styles!

I will now show you how rubbish I am at designing blogger titles by showing you some I tried and majorly failed with.. 

using paint

first attempt at using pic monkey

using paint

using paint

Do you guys have any other ways to edit your blog design? If you do please tell me xxx

                                      Love Laura

OOTD- Wedding Guest

Hey guys, so this is a quick OOTD post!
This is the first time I've done one of these, and typical my pictures aren't really clear L

I went for a purple High-Low/Dip Hem dress from New look (A last minute buy) and felt really comfortable in it! I teamed it with some nude heels, a gold detailed belt, and a cute chunky necklace. I added my black leather jacket when I went outside. 

My make-up was Revlon Photo ready foundation, teamed with a pink blush, pinkish lips and Smokey purple eyes.  (sounds like loads but I made it blend well) 

I didn't add any photo's of me and other people because I feel it's a bit personal to add photo's from someone else s wedding xxx

Love Laura x

Blog designs

Hey guys! This is a quick post to ask if anyone likes designing blog backgrounds/templates/titles and would like to collaborate! Please let me know! I can't pay any money because I don't know a safe way to do it online, the only thing I could do is a special mention. 

Also if anyone knows any good websites to get any of these free please let me know xx

Thanks guys. Love Laura xxx

Blogging Space

Hey guys! So I thought I would share two places I like to sit and blog….

The bedroom  - Practically most of the blogging happens here. “This is where the magic happens” ;) Ahh that’s so cringey! But ye I like to sit here and listen to music or watch a movie and just blog and read other people’s blogs J

The conservatory – I go in here on sunny days (but then it’s bakin hot) I also find it cosy to sit here when it’s raining, makes me feel calm for some reason!

If you blog, where is your favourite place to sit and blog? Do you go to cafĂ©’s maybe or sit on with your ipad in the garden?

                                     Love Laura

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The "No Makeup Makeup"

Hey guys.

As from the title you will see that I’m talking about “barely there makeup”!.............. I used to be the person that would wear EVERYTHING makeup wise EVERYDAY– concealer, foundation, more foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, …etc BUT I started to figure why would I need to wear it every day? Doesn't it make it more special to do the “done up look” on special occasions or days you want to look extra nice :)

Anyways if you don’t have the confidence to literally wear barely any makeup, then be smart with makeup! You can wear loads but it can still look natural! 

  1. Match your foundation correctly!
  2. Don't pick a blusher that is too bright, pick more natural pinks/corals
  3. Use brushes that don't apply too much product at once
  4. Use a lipstick that is close to your natural lip color
  5. Use a lip balm instead of lip gloss
  6. emphasis your favorite part of your face only eg. adding mascara to your eyes
  7. Use a bronzer instead of blush for a sunkissed look!
  8. moisturize your skin before applying makeup so that it glides on therefore not using too much product
  9. blend blend blend 
  10. mix foundation with a moisturizer so that it isn't too thick

Also I would recommend foundations like MAC face and body, as they are buildable  and look so natural on the skin!!

                                     Love Laura

My Ambitions

I Want To Write
This is something in which I feel I can kind of achieve!. Writing a blog will help me practice and use the experience to maybe do more with it

I want to be on stage
I don't think anyone that knows me knows this. But I've always wanted that confidence to be an actress or be on stage - or like panto's.
You may laugh at this idea, but think how fun and inspiring it would be to do that?

I want to work with animals
I've grown up on a sorta farm, where I loved animals. I did work experience at a dog kennels and enjoy training my dog. 
So ye I guess I wanted to be a dog trainer. 

I want to work with makeup
I'm no way a trained makeup artist, or can do my makeup amazing. But I still enjoy doing makeup! I always read beauty blogs, and the occasional Youtube video- they really inspire me!

I want to work within psychology
I've always been the type of person to analyse things. (maybe everyone does it i'm not sure) I'm not one of those to jump into a situation, but to look at things- and defo analyse people. Unfortunately I was stopped and told to not go to university by my peers, So I will never know what could have been. 

Earlier this year, I bought an "dslr" Canon camera in which i was soo excited to have purchased. But being the sensible me, taking the money out of my savings to buy it made me feel really GUILTY! so basically I returned the camera :( and now I'm starting to regret it.. 
As this is the easiest of the "ambitions" to do without going out of my comfort zone - I might reunite with my beloved shiny camera

So there's some things I kinda like the idea of doing! Will I accomplish any of these? Do you have something you dream to do?

                                      Love Laura

Things I want to buy on pay day #2

Hey guys, so this is kinda my favourite type post to write at the moment! I know it's a bit early in the month to be doing this, but somehow I have ran out of shopping money already! 

Here’s the list..

1.  Urban Decay Face Spray
This spray has many good reviews! I have tried skindinavia, and Mac fix+ but both have run out L

2.  Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm
This has been made out to be a “cult product” for someone like me with dry skin – I reallyyyy want to try this! I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

3.  Blog Book
This has is no particular “product” but I want to find a cute book to write down all my blog ideas J

4.  Macadamia Oil products
I have seen many reviews over the years on these products! I have dry frizzy hair, so products like these should help bring life back to my hair! I have tried Moroccan Oil and thought that was OK – nothing special.

5.  Real Technique Brushes (Duo Fibre)
I nearly bought these the other day! But saving for a holiday has meant I feel guilty and buying things “ I don’t need” just yet.

6. Midi Skirt

I will be doing this kind of post every month!
I will be also purchasing at least one of the products I mention the following month, so will try to add a review J

Thanks so much for your support, and reading!

                                      Love Laura

REVIEW: Revlon Photoready Foundation

Heyyy guys! So this is a review of the one and only foundation that I have continuously liked and re bought! (as I have bought and tried at least 20 different high end/high street foundations!)

£12.99 from boots 

This foundation from the name is designed to photograph beautifully! And I will have to agree!! Especially when I go to events or nights out, I only wear this foundation because it makes my skin look nice without being cakey!!
excuse the weird face.. 

I have dry skin, this foundation doesn’t make my skin feel dry at all, but also it doesn’t make my skin look greasy after moisturizer (like my YSL foundation in which I did A review on)
The coverage is amazing! It’s perfect for me! I don’t want completely full coverage, but I want to feel like I have a good base to make my skin look perfected! So this does that!
I wear the foundation in two shades.. NUDE which is a lighter shade for day time, and NATURAL BEIGE for evenings out when I have fake tanned! I can mix the two shades if I need too aswell!
SO yes I do recommend this foundation – I haven’t found anything to beat this (even foundations double the price)

                        Love Laura

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin!

Hey guys, so I thought I would tell you about a lil
miracle that I unexpectedly found!.....Browsing around Tesco's  I decided to go down the skincare section and noticed some pretty pink packaging for young skin and
decided to give it a go. I'm always so skeptical about trying a new moisturizer now, this is because I have spent £££'s on moisturizers that are meant for my skin type, and have seen no good results :( x

Anyways let me tell you what this product is.. 

This is Skin Wisdom Youth Protect Day Moisturizer

As you can see this is a cream, that looks quite thick. But for someone like me that horrible dry even sometimes flaky skin it's perfect! Once I have applied this my skin looks dewy, and I wait about 5 mins before applying any foundation. Once the moisturizer has "sunk" into the skin it's not too greasy and feels like you would expect a moisturizer to feel like (if that makes sense hahah)

Anyways out of 5 I would give this a 4- just because it takes a little while to sink into the skin, and I'm quite impatient! whoops!

What is your fave moisturizer? hit me with those comments ;) 

Love Laura