Things I want to buy on pay day!

II’m starting a kinda “wish list” on this blog!
These are a couple of things I’m waiting to buy ….

Muji Storage
I’ve seen a couple of blog posts and youtube videos about these clear, acrylic storage devices.
I can’t wait to get something that looks more grown up and neat! #excusetobuymoremakeup ;)

Leather Jacket
I do already own a dark brown leather jacket from Republic, it’s years old, and in a size XS.. eeek, it’s a little tight on me now L
So browsing through the net looking for a cute affordable leather jacket I like, I found this one from Amazon…

The reviews say this jacket is really good, and obviously it’s nice to try one on before buying, but hey I can always return it J

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation In Monte Blanc
So I have a HUGE collection of foundations, but not one of them are my “go to” foundation. *sad face*
I have dry skin, and the only foundation with a good colour match and consistency is MAC Face And Body Foundation, but the coverage is next to none!
I’ve wanted to try sheer glow for AGEEESS, and many bloggers and youtubers love it! Maybe it’s time to just go for it!

Refreshing Face Mist
As with the previous paragraph, you will know I have DRY SKIN!
So seeing this little number to refresh your face during the day.. well it’s amazing! I have tried Mac Fix+ but wanted to try something different! WANT


  1. u know i love Muji products, they are really great!

  2. Wishlists are my fave kinda posts!

    Love it,

    New follower, lots of love, Em x

  3. I love that leather jacket!

    Hannah xo

  4. I really want some Nars foundation too it sounds really good and that leather Jacket looks really nice!

    Millie x

  5. I have the Mont Blanc NARS Sheer Glow, but I think it's a little bit too dark for me :( I think I should have got Siberia instead! It's a pretty amazing foundation <3 xx

    Gemma | ♥

  6. I love the leather jacket, i have a few it's such a good buy.


  7. I need new storage so much !

  8. I need the acrylic drawers as well, but WHSmith do much longer ones so I was thinking of getting those. Maybe you should check them out :) x


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