To Do List - My Life

Hey guys, so browsing through my pictures on my phone I found the little list I wrote for things I would like to do/accomplish in my life.

I get it might be a little silly, but hey it’s nice to have things to look forward to doing! :D Do you all have a list? 

Love Laura xxx

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation - First Impression

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation - First Impression
Hey guys, So not only am I posting on this blog for opinions and life, but also to update randomly on makeup purchases etc.

The product I’m posting is about today is Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation!
My skin type is quite dry, so I am always in the lookout for a foundation that doesn’t look cakey or patchy and will last throughout the day!
I love Mac’s Face and body, but the coverage isn’t high enough! 

So applying it for the first time, it feels moisturising and gives a kind of sheen to my face! I was matched to colour br30 (more for pinky undertones). The coverage is perfect too! My skin still shows through, but all the imperfections I want to be covered, are covered!! 
The smell isn't too overpowering, it smells fresh, clean, and a little expensive.
I love the packaging, it makes the product look really "high end"
I really hope this is my future “go to foundation” as for the past few years I have tried the cheapest and the most expensive foundations and always found something I didn't like about them!
I look paler then I actually am here as I took the photo when it was sunny whoops ;)

Have you guys tried this foundation?
At the moment I’m loving it, but I need to try it out longer to give a final verdict :p
Love Laura xxx

200 Sit - Up Challenge

So I have never been "fat" or extremely unfit, but recently I have noticed something called a muffin top and a little more giggle in the belly area! Going from a size 8-10, to a 10-12.

The 30 day squat challenge has become very famous, and I wanted to find something similar to that, but for my stomach muscles!

So googling around I found a website that set up a plan to add sit ups slowly to your daily workout routine/life.
The website is here:

I don’t know too much about this challenge but it seems to have a day by day set up plan depending on how many sit – ups you’re able to do. Perfect!

I will take photos and write up how I am doing with this challenge either every week, or every two weeks!

I know I'm not fat, but I need to tone and shape up!

Wish me luck <3

Laura x

Things I want to buy on pay day!

II’m starting a kinda “wish list” on this blog!
These are a couple of things I’m waiting to buy ….

Muji Storage
I’ve seen a couple of blog posts and youtube videos about these clear, acrylic storage devices.
I can’t wait to get something that looks more grown up and neat! #excusetobuymoremakeup ;)

Leather Jacket
I do already own a dark brown leather jacket from Republic, it’s years old, and in a size XS.. eeek, it’s a little tight on me now L
So browsing through the net looking for a cute affordable leather jacket I like, I found this one from Amazon…

The reviews say this jacket is really good, and obviously it’s nice to try one on before buying, but hey I can always return it J

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation In Monte Blanc
So I have a HUGE collection of foundations, but not one of them are my “go to” foundation. *sad face*
I have dry skin, and the only foundation with a good colour match and consistency is MAC Face And Body Foundation, but the coverage is next to none!
I’ve wanted to try sheer glow for AGEEESS, and many bloggers and youtubers love it! Maybe it’s time to just go for it!

Refreshing Face Mist
As with the previous paragraph, you will know I have DRY SKIN!
So seeing this little number to refresh your face during the day.. well it’s amazing! I have tried Mac Fix+ but wanted to try something different! WANT


Hey guys.
So yes this is a introduction to my blog.

I currently hold another blog:
I have had this one since 2010 but I feel that I want to start a fresh. There are people that know me in person on there and I don't think I will be able to write honestly unless I start a fresh.
I have many ambitions and ideas, this blog may or may not help me to get to them. But hey at least I can write about it. 

In this blog I will chat about everything from Makeup and beauty to Dating advice from a single girl  (yes I have a sense of humour!) to analyzing dreams. 
I would really love anyone reading this to follow my blog, not because I'm doing this just to gain popularity, but it kind of gives me a buzz knowing people are reading what I write, and may even take something from it.

I've always wanted to be an agony aunt so maybe If I do help people, It will help me get to my goal?

I work full time, so will try to update regularly 

Wish me luck
Laura x